How to Hang Unpasted Wallpaper by Yourself

Learn how to hang unpasted wallpaper by yourself with step by step instructions and pictures. Transform your space in an afternoon!

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Hi there! I can’t believe it is already week five for the One Room Challenge sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens. This fun and creative series are where twenty featured designers and 100s of guest participants like myself have six weeks to makeover a room.

How To Hang Non Pasted Wallpaper Bathroom Rs Watermark
Milton and King Wallpaper

Fortunately, we have a three-week extension for the final reveal with all of the unique circumstances going on right now. And let me tell you, I need it! You can read more about the challenges I’ve been facing in last week’s post along with mock-ups of the room plans.

I have received most of my products from my sponsors but need to wait until the drywall and tile are completed by my contractors before I can move forward with touch-up/repainting, wallpaper, art gallery, and everything else for our bathroom renovation. I’m so excited to see the beautiful Milton and King wallpaper up and today am sharing how easy it is to hang unpasted wallpaper by yourself.

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How to Hang Unpasted Wallpaper

*These pictures are from the previous time I hung Milton and King non-woven wallpaper. The first picture above shows the new print that will be going in the One Room Challenge bathroom!

  • Inspect the wallpaper to make sure the pattern and colors were printed the same for each roll. You can do this by lining up the rolls to compare colors and patterns. No need to unroll any of them. They should all look EXACTLY the same.
  • Prepare your walls by removing switch and outlet covers, sand off any texture, and fill holes with spackle. Check out my video about sanding walls here.

Gather your supplies:

  • Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Roller and pan
  • Bucket of water and sponge
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Box cutter or knife
  • Putty knife or straight edge tool
  • Drop cloth
  • Step stool
  • Surface space to work on (the floor or a folding table…)

Paste the Wall and Hang Non-Woven Wallpaper Dry

I really love Milton and King’s wallpaper because it is non-woven so it won’t stretch or shrink. The application is easier than traditional wallpaper as you paste the wall directly and hang the paper dry which eliminates the need to book (soak) the paper.

  • Create a plumb line. Start on the left corner of your wall. Once you have that first strip up the rest will get easier and quicker! Milton and King wallpaper comes with a strip to measure the plumb line but all you have to do is know the width of your paper.
How To Hang Non Pasted Wallpaper Resized Wm
Measure Your Plumb Line
  • Place your paper horizontal next to the corner letting the paper overlap about an inch. Use the level on the right side and draw a straight vertical line. This is your plumb line!
How To Hang Non Pasted Wallpaper Resized Wm 2
Use a level to draw a straight line.
  • Next, measure the height of the wall and add 4 extra inches, 2 extra for the top, 2 for the bottom to trim. You’ll want this for any unevenness is in your walls. Trust me! I have yet to wallpaper a wall that had a perfect even ceiling or side.

How to install unpasted wallpaper:

  • Measure your first strip of wallpaper, height plus 4 inches. Draw a line with ruler/level and cut. Use this piece to be your template for the next.
  • Before you cut your second piece, line up your first so the pattern lines up with the second. You’ll most likely have a few inches up to a couple of feet in between cuts depending on your pattern repeat. A pattern repeat is where the pattern starts over again on the wallpaper.
  • Now it’s time to paste the wall! Use the roller and spread paste slightly larger than the section of the wall where the first piece will go. You want the wall covered but not sopping and don’t overwork the paste. Just put it on evenly.
How To Hang Non Pasted Wallpaper Resized Wm 3
Apply Wallpaper Paste with a Roller
  • Take your first strip of wallpaper making sure the correct side is facing out (fold the bottom up on the front side if it is long) and line up next to your plumb line letting the top overlap a couple of inches. Spread down from going from the center out to smooth air bubbles and wrinkles with a brush, sponge, or your hands.
How To Hang Non Pasted Wallpaper Resized Wm 4
Line Up the First Strip of Wallpaper
  • You can adjust the paper and reapply to fix uneven lines. You may need to add more paste as you go down if it starts to dry.
  • Use the putty knife and sharp razor blade to trim the edges. The straight edge goes on the outside and the blade underneath at a slight angle. Holding the razor blade at an angle will protect the molding or ceiling drywall.
How To Hang Non Pasted Wallpaper Resized Wm 5
Trim the Edges with a Sharp Knife
  • Do not lift your knife with long cuts. If you have too much glue on the edge of the wallpaper it may rip so make sure you apply a thin layer at the end. You can add more after you make the straight cut if needed.
  • Use a damp sponge to completely smooth the top and remove any adhesive from the top of the paper. Don’t forget to wipe the ceiling and baseboards as well.
How To Hang Non Pasted Wallpaper Resized Wm 6
Wipe of Paste
  • Use the same steps for each additional strip. You only need a new plumb line if you start on a new wall. When working with corners, use the wallpaper strip trimmed off from the last piece (vertically) and let the next piece overlap about 1/2 inch in the corner. All seams should be butted joint, meaning they touch edge to edge without overlapping.
How To Hang Non Pasted Wallpaper Resized Wm 7
Prepare Your Next Strip
How To Hang Non Pasted Wallpaper Resized Wm 8
Butt to Butt Seams

And there you have it! It really isn’t difficult and once you get that first strip in place, the rest is a breeze. Save any leftover wallpaper to patch any holes or rips down the road.

I’m hoping to get to wallpaper the vanity wall very soon. The tile is getting installed this weekend so I should be able to move things quickly for the reveal.

A huge thanks to these wonderful sponsors for making my bathroom makeover possible.

Here’s the to-do list:

  1. Have the light switched box on one side moved to the vanity side
  2. Remove the door between the bath and vanity area and expand the walkway
  3. Repair the drywall
  4. Sand the ceiling on the vanity side
  5. Paint the vanity side, trim, door, and medicine cabinet white paint again
  6. Paint the tub/toilet side black with black trim paint again
  7. Install cove molding (maybe)
  8. Apply wallpaper to the vanity wall
  9. Add gold pulls to the cabinets
  10. Hang the new light fixture
  11. Hang new mirror
  12. Install marble and gold shelf over toilet
  13. Hang new shelf under vanity mirror
  14. Install new faucet
  15. Change the towel hangers to an antique hook
  16. Have professional tilers install new tub surround, flooring, and backsplash
  17. Have professional refinish tub
  18. Replace tub faucet, drain, and cover
  19. Sew a custom extra-long shower curtain
  20. Make a faux roman shade
  21. Update toilet holder
  22. Hang gallery wall
  23. Add new rugs and other decor

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