How to Install Cove Moulding the Easy Way

Learn the easy way to install cove molding on the ceiling with corner pieces. Perfect for beginners! Part of our windowless office makeover.

Welcome to the fourth week of the New Year New Room Refresh challenge hosted by my talented friend Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living. 18 bloggers are transforming a room in one month sharing our progress every Tuesday. Due to some shipment delays we are revealing our spaces next Tuesday so make sure to come back!!

*This challenge is generously sponsored by some amazing brands.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

how to install cove moulding

Wow! I can’t believe it has already been four weeks. I made a little more progress this week after sharing my inspiration board and paint update the last couple of weeks.

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Office Mood Board With Target

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The room has already literally gone from night to day with a sun tunnel from Velux skylights, french doors, paint, and now ceiling cove moulding. I also got started on installing the Woodland Birds wallpaper from Milton and King and will finish that up first thing tomorrow.

The Easy Way to Install Cove Moulding with Straight Cuts

Here’s what you need for cove moulding:

  • Molding (measure each wall)
  • Corner pieces
  • Stud finder
  • Sand paper
  • Trim paint
  • Paint brush
  • Spackle
  • Hole puncher
  • Nail gun
  • Caulk

How to Install Cove Molding on Ceiling

Measure each wall and purchase cove molding from your local hardware store. If you plan on having the store cut the pieces to size make sure to subtract the width of two corner pieces from the wall size.

How To Install Cove Moulding Edited

Prepare your molding by sanding any rough spots and painting it to match existing trim in your house.

Mark wall studs and ceiling studs with a pencil about 6 inches down the wall from the ceiling drawing a straight line. Keep your lines straight with “C” for ceiling and “W” for wall.

How To Install Cove Moulding Edited 3

Tips for finding studs: Start at an outlet or corner and measure out 16 or 24 inches. Hammer in a long skinny nail to test whether you have the correct spot. Pull out the nail and move on to the next spot.

Install the corner pieces with a nail gun and 2 1/2 inch nails at an angle.

How To Install Cove Moulding Edited 2

Once your corner pieces are up, nail up the cove moulding placing a nail on the top and bottom where you marked your studs. Sink them into the groove of the cove moulding so they are easily hidden. This job is much easier with two people so one can hold the far end in place and the other with the nail gun.

How To Install Cove Moulding Edited 7

Use the hold puncher to sink any nail heads flush. Cover with spackle. Sand if needed.

Use caulk to fill in any gaps between the moulding and corner pieces and then at the bottom and top of the moulding and corners. It will hide all of your oops!!

How To Install Cove Moulding Edited 6

Tips for using caulk: Cut a slant at the very tip so you only get a very small bead of caulk. Once you squeeze out a line next to the moulding use your finger to lightly wipe and smooth it across. Clean up any excess with a wet cloth.

Use touch up paint if needed.

How To Install Cove Moulding Edited 4

I’ve use the word caulk way too many times this week and managed to fit it in some very uncomfortable sentences. I blame it on being tired! Ha!

A huge thanks to our official sponsors who are totally amazing and the reason I get such a beautiful office!


And don’t forget those other 16 bloggers participating!! I had so much fun seeing what rooms they were working on and can’t wait for their progress posts today!!

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Here’s what left on the to-do list. The big thing is the built-in desk but I’m still waiting on that shipment!

  1. Install french doors. (ALMOST DONE!!)
  2. Have the skylight installed.
  3. Sand, repair, and paint walls.
  4. Add cove crown molding with corner details.
  5. Install wallpaper on all four walls.
  6. Install built-in desk cabinets with counter top.
  7. Paint built-ins green.
  8. Hang light fixtures.
  9. Sofa bed and bookcase goes in.
  10. Add trim to curtain panels.
  11. Hang curtain rod and curtains.
  12. Add in office items and decorating accessories.

The funny thing about this year’s challenge at this point is that is similar to what I did in my daughter’s room last year!! I really love the wall paint-chair rail-wallpaper combo.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish everything up this week. Keeping my fingers crossed my cabinets come in soon!


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