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How to Paint an Arch Accent Wall Quickly

This post is sponsored by KILZ® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Change your room in an afternoon with a DIY painted arch accent wall and update a piece of furniture in the same color for a big impact!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the power of paint is magical! When I found out about the KILZ® Accent Wall Challenge, I jumped on the chance to create a new study area for our teenage son. His room has been one of the slower evolving spaces in our new house, and I still wanted to address his desk area.

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How to Paint an Arch Accent Wall

He is currently attending high school remotely, so giving him an inspiring space is important. Would you believe it took less than three hours to give him a great accent wall and updated desk with KILZ® primer and KILZ Complete Coat® paint? Let me show you how.

How to Paint an Arch Accent Wall and Matching Desk

Decide on which wall you want to feature. I love choosing a wall that you see right away when walking into a room. It will give you the biggest bang for your buck, so to speak. I decided on the far wall in our son’s room where his desk already was. After you decide on your spot, clear the space to prep for paint.

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Desk Area Before

Select a color. Here are some tips to make this step easier.

  1. Create a tone on tone effect by picking a color that is a couple of shades darker or tints lighter than your wall color.
  2. Refer to a color wheel to see what the complementary color is across from your wall color.
  3. Select an accent color from your existing decor and furniture for a neutral wall.

I’m all about tone on tone these days, so I decided on a darker blue to go on the light blue walls. The color of KILZ Complete Coat® Paint is called “Virtue” and almost looks like a teal. It looks great with decor that is already in the room.

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KILZ Complete Coat® Paint

Draw an arch using the old-school method for a circle.

Make sure the wall is cleared, wiped down, and any holes are filled with spackle. Don’t forget to remove your outlet covers. Pick a point in the middle of the wall you are going to paint. The distance from the middle to the edge is how long your string for a guide should be. Hold the string in place with a tac and tie a pencil to the other end near the lead. Draw a semi-circle.

Next you’ll want to tape off the edges and trim. Use a level for perfectly straight lines.

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How to Paint an Arch

Prepare your space for painting by lying down a drop cloth. You’ll want to have KILZ® Primer and your KILZ Complete Coat® Paint with an angled paintbrush, roller, and paint tray.

How To Paint An Arch Accent Wall Resized Wm 14
KILZ Complete Coat Paint


I used KILZ 2® ALL-PURPOSE Primer which blocks medium stains including minor water stains, rust, grease, ink, pencil, and felt marker. Enhanced hiding makes it ideal for changing colors and helps lessen the number of coats of paint required. It also can be used on multiple surfaces which made it perfect for a prime coat on the desk.

How To Paint An Arch Accent Wall Resized Wm 18
How to Paint an Arch with Primer and Paint

Use an angle brush to carefully and slowly outline the top of the arch, around the edges, and outlet areas before filling it in with the roller brush.

How To Paint An Arch Accent Wall Resized Wm 3
Arch Primed

Wait an hour to dry using the time to get a coat of primer on a desk or another piece of furniture for the accent wall.

How To Paint An Arch Accent Wall Resized Wm 20
Getting Ready to Paint the Arch


Use the angle brush again to outline the arch and then fill in with the roller. This was my first time using KILZ Complete Coat® Paint and let me tell you, it went on like a dream. It literally took 20 minutes and had beautiful coverage.

How To Paint An Arch Accent Wall Resized Wm 4
Painted Arch in “Virtue”

Paint the piece of furniture the same color as the wall. The paint dries quickly to the touch but I always suggest not place anything on the furniture for a few days to let it completely cure.

How To Paint An Arch Accent Wall Resized Wm 16
KILZ Complete Coat® Paint and KILZ 2® ALL-PURPOSE Primer
How To Paint An Arch Accent Wall Resized Wm 19
The Painted Arch and Desk

And that my friend, is how to paint an arch accent wall in an afternoon! Of course, decorating with the new feature wall and desk is the cherry on top. My son had plenty of items in his room that went well, so it was easy to add an eclectic-global style that is consistent with the rest of the house. I now have one happy teen who is eager to do school in his new workspace thanks to the KILZ® accent wall challenge.

What wall do you have that could use a facelift?



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