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How to Hang Prepasted Wallpaper by Yourself

Follow these easy steps to prep and hang prepasted wallpaper by yourself. Change your room instantly with a mural or patterned wallpaper.

I’m here to tell you it is easier than you think. I was apprehensive to hang “real” wallpaper for the first time after only using removable wallpaper in so many rentals. I wondered if I could do it by myself, would there be bubbles, would I mess up my cuts and end up with a wonky pattern?

How to Hang Prepasted Wallpaper

Guess what? It is user-friendly and forgivable. Especially with modern wallpaper technology featuring prepasted or dry application options, this task really couldn’t be more manageable. So if you have been on the fence to take the big step in DIY decor, let me hold your hand and tell you, “you’ve got this.”

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Welcome to the One Room Challenge: Week 2! I’m making over our master bedroom with ensuite bathroom in 8 weeks along with many other feature designers and guest participants. Scroll down to see the mood boards, plans, and fantastic brands that are making this happen. And check out how easy it is to plan mood boards for a room makeover.

Here’s the complete list of posts for the challenge:

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How to prep walls for wallpaper

  • Smooth Walls– Wipe down with a damp sponge to remove dirt and fill any holes with spackle.
  • Textured Walls– A semi-light texture like crow’s foot or orange peel can be sanded down with an electric sander to knock off the big notches. Fill in any cracks or holes with spackle.
  • Consider applying a skim coat with a joint compact if your walls have a heavy texture.
  • I’m sure all wallpaper instructions suggest a coat of paint close to the color of the wallpaper in case you have a seam that shows the wall. I have yet to take the time to do this step because my wall colors have been light tints.
  • Prepare a larger workspace to make the wallpaper install easier. A large folding table is perfect for this.
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Tools and supplies:

  • Wallpaper
  • Step-stool or ladder
  • Folding table or another flat surface to easily make cuts
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Box cutter
  • Metal putty knife or another straight edge tool
  • Water bottle to activate the glue or paste on the wallpaper
  • Sponge and bucket of water
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How to apply prepasted wallpaper or mural:

  1. First, cut your mural along the indicated lines.
  2. Measure the length leaving a couple of extra inches at the top for uneven walls.
  3. Use your first strip as a template for your second cut if you are using patterned wallpaper. Line up exactly in the same spot on the pattern. There should be a couple of extra inches at the bottom due to the pattern repeat. You may need to trim excess.
  4. Start on the left side of the wall. Mark a line on the wall with a pencil and level where the first strip of wallpaper will line up to. If your first strip goes up straight, the rest is a breeze!
  5. Activate the wallpaper glue/paste with a spray bottle saturating the paper. Loosely fold the strip in half lining up the edges. Let sit 2-3 minutes. This is the booking process.
  6. Keep the paper folded in half with the top about 12 inches longer and line up your top leaving a couple of inches extra. Let it fall down and smooth out as you get to the bottom of the strip. Use your hands, damp sponge, or squeegee to get any air bubbles out.
  7. Trim the excess off the bottom and top and around sockets and windows with a box cutter and metal putty knife. Make sure your razor blade is sharp so it doesn’t rip the paper.
  8. Start the process again with the second strip.
  9. Wallpaper is easy to realign if you mess up so don’t fret. It will probably take you a few tries to get seams to line up perfectly straight. Use more water if the paper gets too dry.
  10. You can patch up a cutting mistake if needed. This will also work if you need to cover any holes or damage later on. Just put a patch right over it!
  11. Wallpaper is like doing a decoupage on a larger scale. It dries beautifully and lays really flat.
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Our bedroom and bathroom mood boards with products links:

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience to brands I love. You still pay the same price but I may earn a small commission.

A huge thank you to these sponsors for helping me make this happen!


Bathroom to-do list:

  1. Update light fixture-minimum remove shades and put in decorative bulbs, maybe turn the fixture around.
  2. Build a floating wood frame for art.
  3. Remove old backsplash, repair, and paint.
  4. Put in ceiling tin as the backsplash.
  5. Replace faucet with modern black faucet.
  6. Paint the toilet handle black.
  7. Build and install a window cornice box.
  8. Remove shower door, repair, and fill holes.
  9. Sew custom shower curtain and hang.
  10. Add a new bath mat and tassel.

Bedroom to-do list:

  1. Swap dressers and remove bookcase for a bigger space.
  2. Replace ceiling fan (and two additional bedroom fans).
  3. Repair and paint the walls and molding white.
  4. Takedown bed and use the frame with attached DIY legs for a new bed.
  5. Build and install a new upholstered headboard with green velvet fabric.
  6. Sew and hang curtain panels.
  7. Build and install a window cornice box.
  8. Sew a bed skirt.
  9. Add new bedding.
  10. Build a DIY vanity tray.
  11. Install gallery wall around tv.
  12. Hang statement piece above the tall chest and replace pulls.
  13. Style the room.


  1. This post reminded me of years ago when wallpaper was in style. My husband and I did it together and then decided if a marriage cools survive wallpapering together we could make it through any thing. Then he realized he had to change the blades more often. Im glad it’s making a comeback and easier to hang. Thanks for the tutorial

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