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How to make an Artificial Christmas Wreath Beautiful


Learn how to create a beautiful artificial Christmas wreath with pinecones, floral, and berries to adorn your door for the season.

I feel like you learn a lot about someone’s interior decor by the wreath they keep on the front door. It is store-bought, DIY, or just bare? I hope when people see ours they are excited to see what’s inside. Today I’m sharing how to beautify an artificial green wreath for Christmas and winter with an easy tutorial.

How to Decorate an Artificial Christmas Wreath

Welcome to Day four of A Very Global Christmas series where Casa Watkins Living and I are sharing 12 globally inspired Christmas decorating ideas and DIYs over the next couple of weeks. We’ve share Christmas tree decorating ideas, home tours, DIY ornaments, and today is for door hangings.

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My Christmas decor this year was inspired by Renoir and has a French, modern-bohemian vibe that features black and white stripes, florals, and lots of greens and blues.

Start with a basic artificial pine wreath or strip down an outdated Christmas wreath. You’ll also need:

  • White spray paint
  • Floral stems
  • Pinecones
  • Faux berries
  • Faux leaf stems
  • Hot-glue gun with sticks
  • Florist wire
Frost Winter Wreath Resized Watermark

I was thinking about flocking the wreath but since I had white spray paint on hand I decided to lighten the dark pine wreath and pinecones with a “dusting” of paint. It worked like a charm and only needed one light coat. If you try this with yours, make sure to let the wreath sit for a few minutes until it is dry to the touch.

Frost Winter Wreath Resized Watermark 2

Hot glue a grouping of pinecones at the top of your wreath. Start with larger cones and don’t be afraid to layer smaller ones on top so it looks fuller.

Frost Winter Wreath Resized Watermark 3

Once you have a quarter of your wreath covered add in a faux leaf stem on each side for an extra embellishment. Stick to silver-tone stems like lambs ear or eucalyptus to add to the frosted look.

Frost Winter Wreath Resized Watermark 4

Attach a few single pinecones around the rest of the wreath and then place in floral and berry stems in various sizes and colors.

How To Make An Artificial Christmas Wreath Resized Watermark

I used 3 berry picks, 2 large pink flower heads, and 6 small pink flower stems secured with florist wire.

How To Make An Artificial Christmas Wreath Resized Watermark 4

You can hang the wreath on your front door or try on an interior door, mirror, or shelf.

How To Make An Artificial Christmas Wreath Resized Watermark 3
Global Eclectic Christmas Home Tour Resized Watermark 10

Decorating your own artificial Christmas wreath lets you customize the look with color and embellishments so you don’t have to stick with traditional ornaments or holiday colors. Let it cheer up your entryway all winter long!

I can’t wait to see what Casa Watkins Living did for her globally inspired door hanging. Let’s go check it out!

You can find all my favorite winter and holiday decorating ideas and DIYs on this page with free printables.



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