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How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements Look Good


Create beautiful artificial flower arrangements with these simple tips. Perfect for a holiday centerpiece or any time of the year.

I’m not going to lie, flower arranging has never been my forte. But I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to creating gorgeous artificial floral arrangements throughout the years.

A Christmas Artificial Flower Arrangement

Welcome to Day 10 of A Very Global Christmas series where Casa Watkins Living and I have been sharing 12 globally inspired Christmas ideas every year. Unfortunately, my dear friend had a family emergency so I’m linking to some of her fabulous previous DIYs at the bottom of the post.

Christmas Home Tour Lovely Resized Watermark 19

Start with a show-stopping container! I gifted myself this gorgeous Greacen bust named Glenda from Anthropologie earlier this Fall. I knew using more of an unusual piece like this for a vase would come in handy. Pedestal vases are another great option.

Christmas Floral Arrangement Resized Watermark

Use a piece of Styrofoam to keep artificial floral stems in place. For so long I would just stick stems in a container and call it a day. This method totally works if you are just using only one type of stem and putting them together. But for more sculptural artificial flower arrangements, you want to use a piece of styrofoam the size of your container/vase. And if you are using a shallow container, the styrofoam can reach all the way to the top.

Christmas Floral Arrangement Resized Watermark 2

Select 3-4 varieties of stems/florals in various sizes. If you are unsure about mixing colors stick to one color variety or use more greenery. I purchased a few large pink flowers on sale from Joannes and dug through my Christmas bins for dollar store pinecone stems and red berries.

Christmas Floral Arrangement Resized Watermark 3

Start with the largest greenery or filler and bend and shape stems and create a triangle shape on the diagonal (like the image below). Stick them into the styrofoam.

Christmas Floral Arrangement Resized Watermark 4

Once you have a full shape you like, put in the accent stems. Leftover pampas grass looks like feathers in my unusual holiday arrangement and adds a bit of drama and height.

Christmas Floral Arrangement Resized Watermark 5

Only 3 large pink flowers were needed to take it to the next level. It is really important not to underestimate the importance of green stems with your flower arranging! They are great for hiding naked floral stems and making the arrangement look complete.

Christmas Floral Arrangement Resized Watermark 6

I adore how this particular arrangement looks like a fancy holiday hat for the lady and she fits perfectly with my abstract landscape wall mural! She also continues my French, modern-bohemian style Christmas decor this year.

Christmas Home Tour Lovely Resized Watermark 9

Starting with something a bit more simple and of course, practice and a few good tips make artificial flower arrangements look beautiful and a breeze! Check out additional tips for floral arranging in this table centerpiece post and small silver dish display.

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