How to Paint Plastic Ornaments with a Floral Pattern


Learn how to paint plastic ornaments with a beautiful floral pattern to update your Christmas tree this year.

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Are you looking for a way to change your Christmas tree this year without having to buy new ornaments? Try this easy tutorial to update plastic ornament balls with paint!

How to Paint Plastic Ornaments

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My Christmas decor this year is inspired by Renior and reflects a French, modern-bohemian style. I wanted to add ornaments that fit into the vibe without having to spend money. I decided to update older plastic ornament balls with paint markers in an easy floral pattern.

What you need to paint plastic ornaments:

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How to paint a floral pattern:

Start by painting three ovals for the large flower petals in light pink. Paint a smaller darker oval (red) on each petal and then outline part of that with orange once the paint dries. Fill in the middle with a white circle. Finish with three little black dots. Don’t worry about trying to paint perfect flowers as this is a more abstract pattern. They remind me of Rifle Paper Co patterns, right?

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Paint stems and leaves using two different colors. Add in more flowers around the ornament.

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Use purple and blue paint marks to create a purple flower vine.

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Use the ornament you just painted as a template for a batch of ornaments. I have a collection of sake cups that I used to keep the ornaments in place. You could also use an empty egg carton, napkin rings, or egg cups as stands.

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I love the pop of floral on our tree and they were really fun to paint!

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I’ve also made mini plant ornaments, Japanese fan ornaments, and repurposed old ornaments with ribbon tape. You can find all of my favorite Christmas decor and DIYs on this page.

Now let’s go see Stephanie’s DIY Ornaments!

Diy Planter Pot Christmas Ornament

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  1. These DIY Christmas tree ornaments look so cute. I love that they are easy to make too. These came out so cute! I bet the kiddos would love helping me make these this weekend. These are really cute and it’s a fun family activity. I really like making and sharing homemade ornaments.

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