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The Easy Way to Bring Hygge Decor into Your Space

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Greetings!  I’m so glad you are here today.  My friends and I are sharing all about Hygge ideas for this month’s theme of The Global Styler.   Have you heard of this trend?  Hygge (pronounced HOO-GA) is a Danish practice for cozy living.  It’s about enjoying the little things, comfort, taking pleasure in spending time with family and friends, and well being.

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How to bring hygge decor into your space.10 ways to add hygge decor to your space

Layer throw blankets and pillows and have extra nearby.

There’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a blanket!  I love enjoying my morning cup of coffee and devotions in this cozy corner of the sofa.

how to create hygge decor

Light candles every day.

The Danish are known for lighting tons of candles daily.  Keep a nice scented candle around for ambience and aromatic enjoyment!

(You can read all about the Danish secrets to happy living  in this fantastic book. )

bring in candles and plants for a hygge lifestyle

Place reading lamps for your bedroom. 

Keep your favorite reading material nearby with proper reading light to practice hygge at night.  Extra points?  Use lavender oil/diffuser and drink a cup of chamomile tea for the ultimate night’s rest.

Soft lighting and reading lamps in the bedroom to have a hgyye home

Soft lighting in your living area.  

soft lighting in the living room for hygge decor

Don’t just rely on overhead lighting in your living spaces.  Use a unique lamp or fairy lights for hgyye ambience.  

Create a warm vignette with a fireplace mantel or faux fireplace.  

Use a room heater/electronic fireplace if you don’t have a fireplace in your house.  Make sure to enjoy puzzles, games, or books.

candles and fire for hygge lifestyle

Bring in plants and nature.

Such a simple way to add hygge decor but it makes such a big difference and can also be beneficial to your health!

add in plants and nature to enjoy in your hygge decor

Keep spaces feeling uncluttered by using neutrals and white with a lot of texture.

If your spaces are too busy, use more white and neutrals with your big items (walls and furniture) and keep the accessories interesting with different textures.


Create a spa like atmosphere in your bathroom.

Gosh, there’s nothing better than a long hot bath after a hard day in my book!  Set it up right with bath salts, loofas, and other spa essentials.


Enjoy hygge when it’s warm outside.

Winter and Christmas are the ultimate time to experience hygge but you can have it all year round.   Have a place outside to enjoy a cool beverage or favorite book.

enjoy a hygge lifestyle in the summer

Use blankets and pillows outside.

Don’t be afraid to make your outdoor seating cozy with textiles!  Outdoor pillows and blankets have come a long way.

Outside pillows and blankets for a hygge home

Get the most enjoyment out of every day rituals with these easy decorating tips and you will be living a hygge lifestyle in no time!

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