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Inspired by DIY: Kelly Wearstler Pillow

Get the look for less with this easy DIY Embroidered Eye Pillow! Check out other Kelly Wearstler inspired DIYS in a fun monthly challenge.

Hi there!  We are still in temporary lodging but it looks like we found a cute Japanese house to rent for the next three years.  Yippee!  I’ll share photos soon.  In the meantime, it’s time for another Inspired by DIY with Jess from Domicile 37 and Ariel from PMQ for Two.   We are sharing DIYs inspired by the fabulous (and expensive!) Kelly Wearstler.

DIY Embroidered Eye Pillow  eye-pillow-pinterest

Isn’t this pillow fun?  It was the perfect little project to keep me busy in the hotel room for a morning. 😉

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Here’s what you need:

White pillow cover 

Sharpie fabric marker

Black embroidery thread

Embroidery needle


Make it:

Step one:  Draw an outline of the eye and eyebrow with the marker.   If you imagine the image in thirds and then your pillow cover in thirds, this will help you achieve the correct scale.   You can also use a disappearing ink fabric marker so mistakes aren’t permanent!   Retrace with the fabric maker.  eye-drawn-shape

Step two:  Draw in lines and curves.  The beauty of this “art” is that it us supposed to look hand drawn!  eye-shape-drawn-kelly-wearstler

Step three:  Embroider using a small running stitch the outline of the eye, pupil, brow, and iris with black embroidery thread. eye-stitching-diy


I’m thankful our hotel room had throw pillows to display my new DIY!   As far as military base lodging goes, it’s a really cute hotel suite.  eye-pillow-tall

Click the links below to see what Jess and Ariel created for this monthly challenge!

Domicile 37 | PMQ for Two

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  1. I love Your idea.and u tell us to how to manage the space .u make a eye’s on pillow its look a identical and give a different look to your pillow.

  2. Superb creativity . I like your painting on white cushion is looking amazing . Nice stuff and idea for decoration . Thanks for sharing

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