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Inspired by DIY: UO Jewelry Stand

Hi there!  Are you ready for our next Inspired by DIY challenge?  Our featured store this time was Urban Outfitters and boy, was I amazed at what my friends came up with!  You can find all 7 DIYs Inspired by Urban Outfitters below.

Inspired By DIY- Urban Outfitters

A Designer at Home // Maggie Overby Studios  // Domicile 37 

 Up To Date Interiors // Iris Nacole // Pocketful of Posies

I’ve been working a lot with copper wiring lately and had an extra piece of a 40″ copper tube so I chose a really cool Urban Outfitters jewelry stand for my project.

Inspired by DIY: UO Jewelry Stand

Supplies for the Jewelry Stand:

Copper tube (thin enough to bend)

Copper wiring

Wire cutters

Hot glue gun

Rubber mallet

Wooden dowel

Make it:

The first step is to mark the center of the copper tube with a piece of tape.  Form an “S” shape by using a round object (like a pot or something else that is about 5 inches in diameter) and bend the copper around to form a half circle.  Repeat on the other side of the middle going the opposite direction.

Use a ruler to bend each side up at a right angle.   Trim off at 10 inches on each side with the wire cutters.

urban outfitters jewelry stand

Use a rubber mallet to flatten the sides.copper jewelry stand

Cut the wooden dowel to 11 inches if needed (image top left).  Use leftover copper tubing or heaving gauge wire (image top right)  and cut two 1 1/2 inch pieces.  Bend each piece around the wooden dowel to create a “u” shape (image bottom left).

Secure each “u” to the ends of the copper tubing with a dot of glue and coiling copper wire around the stand and over the “u” piece. (See bottom right image.)  Trim off any excess wiring.


Store and display your jewelry by sliding it onto the dowel and place the dowel on the “u” shaped holders.uo jewelry stand diyinspired by urban outfitters jewelry standdiy wire jewelry stand

For some reason, my husband really liked the way this turned out.  Maybe he can hang his watches from it….

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  1. Girrrrl, you are THE QUEEN of these challenges. I do not know how you do it all. I remember seeing this while trying to figure out what to do and I thought it would be hard to recreate, but you proved me wrong. Love it!

    1. lol! You make me laugh. I just happened to have all of those supplies so I was like finally, something to do with that extra piece of copper. ;_) Thanks!

  2. This is my favorite project you’ve done for the Inspired series so far–it’s gorgeous and I like it better than the inspiration piece. I can see why your husband likes it so much–it would make a great watch stand, too.

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