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Inspired by DIY: Eddie Ross Tablescape


Get tons of tips and tricks for creating Eddie Ross’ Modern Mix style with decorating tips from 8 bloggers in this month’s Inspired by DIY.

It’s time for another Inspired by DIY featuring decorating and styling tips in Eddie Ross’ Modern Mix style.   If you are not familiar with the Better Homes and Garden East Coast Editor, you’re in for a treat.  

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Ross has a fantastic talent for mixing styles, colors, and patterns and finding great pieces from Estate sales, thrift stores, and flea markets.   His interiors are full of interesting character, intriguing history, and gorgeous decor.  


That’s why 8 of us bloggers are super excited to share our tips and tricks for achieving Eddie’s notorious look.   A big thanks to our lovely hostess Jess from Domicile 37.

There are so many great tips and tricks in Modern Mix.  Here are elements that Ross uses in his interiors and that I included in my breakfast tablescape. 


How to get the look:

Layer Textiles:


I started decorating the table with a scarf that belonged to my grandmother.  Modern Calvin Klein cloth napkins pick up the blues in the scarf and accessories.   Mixing up the table set with an upholstered chair and a layered throw blanket adds softness to the vignette. 


Include natural elements:


Fresh flowers and bamboo plates add warmth and vibrancy.   Seashells, pine cones, driftwood, and yard clippings are also alternatives for natural elements. 

Mix metals:


I love to break the rules (don’t we all when it comes to decorating?).  My mixed metals are a vintage silver dish to hold cherries, an antique candelabra, gold-plated bamboo forks, and little silver teaspoons I picked up from a tea house in Swansboro, NC.  

Utilize ceramics:

ceramic vase Eddie Ross inspired table

Collecting pieces from different places you live and visit are wonderful conversation starters.  I couldn’t resist buying a couple of Japanese ceramic vases when I was in Tokyo last year.   


This gorgeous little teapot was a birthday gift from my husband and was made in the popular Yomitan Pottery Village.    The pottery in Okinawa is well known.  

Don’t forget plastics:


Lucite decor is a fun way to add modern decor to an eclectic mix.   Plastic decor replicating expensive classic pieces is also an inexpensive alternative to the real deal. 

Bring in bold glass:


For a pop of color, collect different glass pieces in the same hue.  I love the sparkle from the sunlight gleaming through our glasses and the blue that plays off the ocean nearby. 


Adding all of these elements together with some scrumptious donuts and fresh coffee made this little tablescape perfect for a morning coffee date with friends. 

Are you ready for more Eddie Ross-inspired tips?  Check out my friends’ beautiful vignettes and decorating tips and tricks below.

If you are interested in Eddie Ross’ gorgeous book, you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Love how you went into detail with all the different elements used to bring an Eddie inspired table together. Love and beautifully put together.

  2. Kathy, your setting came together so beautifully. I love the mix. But what I love most is your inspiration piece. Taking something so special and creating a setting based on it makes your breakfast something truly memorable. This completely has my heart!

    1. You’re so sweet Sarah! I have my grandmother’s things all around our house (and I wear her jewelry and accessories daily). She was a beautiful and classy woman and I miss her so much. I’m her namesake. 🙂 xoxo

    1. Thank you Arielle! I can’t wait to get my hands on my china and crystal that are in long term storage again but it sure is fun to find new things out here!

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