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It’s All in the Details

Hi there! Since I just showed you my daughter’s room last week, I thought I would share more of my decorating process this week.  I always start with larger pieces like textiles, rugs, window treatments, and a few main accessories.  You can read more about that here.   What really pulls a room together are the details.  This step usually takes some time.  It’s good to live in a space for awhile to make sure you are you using it in a optimal way.  It also helps you see what things you absolutely love about it and things you might want to tweak or change.  Then add in the special touches that really give the room personality.SONY DSC

Personalize a piece of furniture.  You can add a monogram, paint out some trim in a different color, add new hardware.  We already had our daughter’s name in white wooden letters from her last bedroom.  After a quick coat of copper spray paint I placed a letter on each drawer with command strips.  I’m super glad I chose copper instead of keeping the original white.  I love the way it compliments the wood tone.  Not a bad facelift for a government issued piece of furniture.

Add a little trim to textiles.  If you have a room full of neutral curtains, pillows, and throws, a little tassel, ribbon, or pom-pom treatment might be just the thing.  Since we had pom-poms left over from the pom-pom garland on the headboard wall, I added some to the sheer curtains for a fun and playful pop of color.  (I just used a needle a thread to “tie” on each pom-pom so I can easily remove them in the future.)pom-pom-collageSONY DSC

Don’t forget the doors! A great way to add interest that a lot of people overlook are doors.  Our daughter’s room has an entire wall of white closet doors so we added gold polka dot decals.   Much more interesting and appropriate for a growing young lady! You can see how I transformed our master closet doors for under $2 here.


Add in layers and textures.  The woven pouf and layered faux fur rug were an easy way to add more texture.  My daughter loves sitting on the pouf at the dollhouse table and who doesn’t love bare feet on fur? rugs-girls-room-collageSo here’s a little before and after of the details I added in. before-after-room-wide

In case you missed it last week, you can find my daughter’s room tour here.

Do you have any decorating secrets that help you pull a room together?



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