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Japanese Umbrella Inspired Pumpkins


Welcome back to The Global Styler! A monthly challenge for globally influenced DIYs and decorating tips.  Last month, my fellow co-hostesses and I shared back to school global DIYs and this month we are sharing pumpkins.

Japanese Umbrella Inspired Pumpkins

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Japanese inspired painted pumpkins, a perfect DIY for dollar store pumpkins

I see beautiful paper umbrellas everywhere in Japan called wagasa.  They are made of washi and bamboo and are often colorful with embellished designs.  They are also printed on stationary and fabric and many artists use them as their subjects.   I decided to use these beautiful accessories has inspiration for my pumpkins since the top shape of pumpkins are similar to the umbrella shape.  

faux pumpkins for painting and DIY

Supplies:  faux pumpkins, spray paint, paint markers, and craft paint

remove pumpkin stems for painting

I find these small pumpkins on Amazon and really love how inexpensive they were and their shape.  The stems come off easily which is perfect for painting. 

Japanese spray paint
painted faux pumpkins

Paint options in Japan are usually challenging but I went with a white and light green for a base coat.  I think most of the paint can was fumes but I managed to cover the pumpkins well.  😉


To mimic the look of the paper Japanese umbrella, I filled the lines with a paint market.  The shape of the pumpkin with the lines looks like the frame of an umbrella with bamboo ribs.  Then I just used paint markers and acrylic paint to add flowers and embellishments. 


We actually have a woven picture that we picked up in Hong Kong that has a kaleidoscope of umbrellas.  I used some of those darker colors for inspiration! 

global eclectic Fall decor pumpkins
diy hand painted pumpkins

It’s a loose interpretation of umbrellas but I love how they turned out.  I might even paint some more later!

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