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A Simple Organizational Tip for Kids Cleaning Their Room

Help your kids clean their rooms and stay organized with this one simple tip plus ideas for a child’s bedroom storage on a budget.

This post was sponsored by Epson. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Greetings.  It’s been about 6 months since we’ve “KonMaried” our house and it’s time for an update!  First I tackled the master closet, you can read about the process HERE.   Would you believe that it is still neatly organized?  It has also changed the way I shop (fewer items, better quality), and the KonMari method has been contagious with the entire family.  

A Simple Method for Kids Cleaning Their Room

The kids’ closets and rooms were next but I instructed my youngest to only pull out clothes and not put them away.  You can read about how we decluttered and organized the kids’ rooms HERE. The most exciting thing is that in the process of decluttering and we found an easy way for the kids to keep their rooms clean and organized!

sleek portable label maker to help kids cleaning their room
Kids Cleaning Their Room with Labels from Epson Portable Printer

Bring in the new trusty Epson portable printer. I decided to let my little one start putting her clothes in the right spot with the help of labels.   I love keeping the printer out on my desk ready to use plus it looks sleek. You can create the labels straight from your smartphone so it literally took about 2 minutes to print labels for clothes.  We did tank tops, short sleeves, long sleeves, shorts/skirts, and pants

kids clothes with labels
Kid’s Drawer the Kon Mari Method and Labeled
clothes with labels for organization
Clothes with Labels for Organization

We didn’t stop with the clothes but labeled toy storage too.  Except for the dollhouse, all of my daughter’s toys are in a 3 drawer bin and two plastic crates.  I always recommend going for cheap storage solutions from the dollar store or $5 and under store and discount places like Aldi for two reasons.

First, if you are a renter and/or military family that moves often, you always have to adapt to new storage solutions. Have multiple bins and temporary shelves will be more versatile rather than spending a lot of money on a custom closet system or other expensive storage solutions.

Second, children are always changing sizes and interests so their storage solutions are usually short term anyways!

konmari method for toys
Kids Inexpensive Storage Solutions
labels for organized toys
Organized Toys with Labels

Now there can be no more excuses for not knowing where something goes with the labels on clothing and toys.  

toy organization with labels
Close up of Kitchen Toys

The label maker has many font choices.  We choose one that was easy to read!

portable label maker
Epson Portable Printer

I never knew how much I was missing out with this label maker!  For someone who LOVES to be organized, I should have tried one years ago.

Other Ideas for Label Makers

I also made placeholders and organized my kitchen pantry last week.  You can find those DIYs HERE.

Here are some more of my favorite uses with the decorative stickers and personalize ribbons:

  • Label cords for easy organization
  • Adding a QR code for supplemental information
  • Organize drawers and cabinets in every room
  • Create iron-on labels for clothing, uniforms, and backpacks
  • Import your address book to print mailing labels for all of your holiday cards
  • Print custom ribbons for party favors, gifts, hair bows, and ornaments

You can even incorporate your own logos, fonts, and other graphics!

If you enjoyed this simple tip for kids cleaning their room. Find out more about the KonMari method and other decluttering and organization tips on my Spring Guide page.


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