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Kitchen and Living room update {with loaner furniture}

Hi there! I’m excited to have something in my house to show you today.  Monday I shared our Okinawan rental home but it hadn’t been furnished yet.  Our first shipment of belongings arrived but it only contained toys, kitchen and bathroom items, and linens.  Until our furniture comes, we get to borrow government issued furniture.  So I’ve been doing a little shopping!SONY DSCI love how big and bright our living/dining/kitchen area is.  I knew right away that I wanted a cool rug with a bohemian feel.  When my friend and I went shopping yesterday and found this aztec rug on sale, we each snagged one up.  The mint and pink in the rug compliment the wall and trim nicely.  It actually improved the look of our loaner furniture. Perfect.

SONY DSCSONY DSCWe also needed curtains since there are permanent pinch and pleat rods in our house.  Curtains can get pretty pricey out here but after searching a few stores, I found cute, white sheers that I could live with.

SONY DSCOne of my favorite things about our kitchen, is a built in china cabinet that holds all of our dishes. The storage is from the floor to ceiling so all our serving ware, lunch boxes, pots and pans, and mixing bowls fit in this one unit.

SONY DSCSince we have been here, I’ve been itching to have fresh flowers and plants in our home.  The foliage in Okinawa is just beautiful.  I already snagged up a little house plant for our kitchen window.


The new kitchen towels from IKEA that I bought in the middle of our move two months ago finally have a home.  Ah! Life in the military.  I want to add more copper to the kitchen to warm it up a bit.  I also plan on doing something with the cabinet hardware.  😉 SONY DSC

The wine bottle holder that I painted gold for our last house (to hold towels) looks really nice in the kitchen, so I think it will stay.  It just needs to be stocked. 😉 SONY DSCThe kitchen and living room have a long ways to go but for now, it’s way better than living at the hotel, and it’s starting to feel like home. SONY DSCAll of the furniture you see is government issued.  Yuck! Luckily I planned ahead with our first shipment and made sure to include throw pillows and blankets.  😉  If we were to keep either the chair or couch I would make slipcovers for them.  We do have our couch coming though. YAY!

SONY DSCRight now, the loaner dining set is in the living room but eventually my piano will go in that corner.  So I’m sort of in the market for a cute, little round kitchen table to live in the kitchen.

SONY DSCThere is plenty of space in there and you can see the ocean and our cute backyard from the sliding doors.

SONY DSCSONY DSCThis is the back of our house, complete with steel doors to cover all of the sliding doors during typhoon season.

Well, there you have it! Furniture in the house.  I’ll show the bedrooms and bathrooms soon and also inspiration boards for future plans.  We are so blessed and lucky to have this opportunity.  I can’t wait to share more of our Okinawan adventures.



  1. Moving to new places can be really exciting. It’s nice to discover new areas, favorite hang out spots or places to go on a walk. I have been seeing our IG pictures of your new place and can’t wait to see what you will do with it. The rug you picked is very pretty. I love the colors. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your new home.

  2. Hey there! I just moved to Okinawa and it’s cool to see that you made the loaner furniture work! My hubby and I are newly weds and we are definitely going to take advantage of the loaner furniture. Your post gave me hope! I brought some cute small pieces, rugs and fabrics I hope will spruce up the space. Thank you <3

    1. Yay for Okinawa!! We just loved it out there and there are a lot of great places to shop for home decor. My favorite was the Living Design center in Awase and they had the best soup cafe. So glad you found my post!!

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