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Kitchen Table Makeover

The only nice thing I can say about this makeover is the kitchen table set was free and I had “fun money” from our housing agent that I used on the supplies.  Otherwise, this is the painting project from Hades.  For real! 1 free table + Japanese painting supplies + 1 week of painting=  A cute white table set with copper and teal accents.  I’m so relieved it turned out great!  SONY DSC

When we moved to Okinawa I searched everywhere for a kitchen table.  The cheapest set that I could see working in our space was $700.  Too much!  So when I came across this free kitchen table set on Bookoo I sent my husband to pick it up immediately.  SONY DSCI had imagined many painting projects in Okinawa and was excited about this one.  The table was a nice set but the previous owner’s toy poodle had chewed on it quite a bit (hence it was free!).  I went to the local hardware store and google translated all of the paint cans I could.  I came home with a basic white latex with pictures of furniture on the paint can and spray paint primer so I thought I was in good shape. SONY DSCFirst I sanded the set down.  The spray paint primer was clear, weird. I don’t think it helped at all.  I used an entire quart of the latex paint on just the table.  You guys, the paint was soooo watery.  Expensive too!  I went back to the store and decided on a high gloss enamel paint.  It was the complete opposite. Thick and sticky.  I made my wrists sore. lol It did however get the job done.  After several coats of paint.  SONY DSC

This kids and I may or may not have gotten a little high on paint fumes.  I did ventilate the room and turned on fans.  It was stinky for days.


A month later (I needed the break) I added the fun part.  Teal accents on the exposed wood where the table leaves are and copper tape around the bottom of the chair legs. SONY DSCSONY DSC

I love it when a plan works out!  It looks really nice in our bright house.


Here’s how the entire kitchen looks with a few unfinished projects.  Soon, my friends, soon. SONY DSC

The next goal it to finish the cabinets and toe kick so there’s no more cream.


The week of painting was definitely worth it in the end but you will not see me rushing into another furniture makeover soon. 🙂  If you would like to see what I would have done if it had been in the states, check out this post.  It’s a fantastically easy chalk finish table makeover that took all of a hour. SONY DSC

Ah, the sacrifices we make living in paradise.  No good paint stores…… great beaches and views!


Well there it is my friends.  The brutal truth about painting in Okinawa.  I’ll be sticking with spray paint only projects in the future here.  Cool?



  1. Looking at this beautiful kitchen and thinking of how wonderful it was to be there makes me cry. It was a really wonderful time.

  2. I am so intrigued with all the new adventures (and hiccups) that come with living in another country. To think that even finding the right paint was a challenge is crazy (but makes so much sense). What an amazing learning experience!

  3. Hi, Kathy! Visiting from the dream, create, inspire link party. I’m sorry that the painting was so challenging, but the table looks great, so at least you’ve got that! I love the copper accent and especially the little pop of color where the table drops are. Very cute!

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