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Revamp Your Space: Easy Lamp Makeover Ideas to Update Your Decor

Bring new life into your decor with a DIY lamp makeover using paint and ribbon. Transform a mismatched lamp into an updated stylish one!

Hey there, dear reader! Have you ever felt limited by the colors in your home decor, like a beautiful lamp that just doesn’t quite fit with your current style? You’re not alone!

But don’t worry, because today, I’m here to share an easy solution to that very problem. Give your lamps a stylish and budget-friendly makeover! Join me as we transform those mismatched lamps into something that harmonizes perfectly with your home decor and style.

Lamp makeover in a living room with art gallery wall and grey leather sofa.

Lamp Makeover Part One: How to Update a Lamp Base with Spray Paint

Step 1: Remove Lamp Components

Start by carefully removing the lamp shade, light bulb, and any lamp shade hardware. This step ensures that these parts won’t be affected during the makeover process.

Preparing the lamp base.
Preparing the Lamp Base

Step 2: Prepare the Lamp Surface

First lightly sand the lamp’s surface if it has a glossy or shiny finish. This step promotes better paint adhesion and a smoother finish.

Then wipe down the entire surface with a damp paper towel or cloth to remove any dust or dirt that could affect the paint’s finish.

Taping off a lamp base for paint.
Taping for Painting

Step 3: Apply Painter’s Tape

Carefully attach the painter’s tape around the bottom of the lamp and along the cord. This will protect these areas from being painted and ensure a clean, professional look.

Step 4: Apply Gold Paint to the Bottom Edge (optional)

  1. Lay the lamp on its side to make it easier to work with.
  2. Using spray paint, apply a few light coats of gold paint to the lamp’s bottom edge. Keep the spray can at a reasonable distance to avoid the paint crinkling or bubbling. If this does happen, don’t worry; you can rectify it in the following steps.
  3. If you encounter crinkling or bubbling, you have two options: wipe off the affected area while the paint is still wet or let it dry, sand it smooth, and then repaint.
  4. Allow the gold paint to cure for a few days before moving ahead to the next steps if you choose to have a gold bottom rim.
Painting a gold edge on the bottom of a lamp base.
Gold Edge Finish

Step 6: Tape Off for White Finish

  1. After the gold paint has cured, carefully tape off the area you painted gold at the bottom and also the socket hardware at the top of the lamp.
  2. Once taped off, use spray paint to apply a glossy white finish. Make sure to use a few light coats to achieve an even and beautiful white surface. Take your time during this step for a flawless final look.

Part Two:  Lamp Shade Makeover

Step 1: Measure and Prepare the Lamp Shade

To begin the transformation of your lampshade, you’ll want to measure and prepare it properly. Start by choosing the ribbon you’d like to use to add a decorative touch to the shade.

Add ribbon to a lamp shade.
Measuring Ribbon for Lamp Shade

Make sure the ribbon is of the desired length to wrap around the circumference of the lampshade. This ribbon will be a key element in enhancing the aesthetics of your lamp.

Step 2: Attach Ribbon with Hot Glue

Now, it’s time to start the creative process. Begin at the back seam of the lampshade, which is typically a discreet location. This ensures that the seam and starting point are not as visible when the lamp is in use.

Starting the ribbon application.
Starting the Ribbon Application

Using a hot glue gun, carefully add a small amount of hot glue to the back seam. Press the end of the ribbon into the glue, securing it in place. This initial attachment will serve as the anchor for the ribbon’s journey around the shade.

Step 3: Continue Adding Ribbon Bands

With the ribbon securely anchored, it’s time to continue with the decorative process. Start wrapping the ribbon around the lampshade, ensuring it lies flat and snug against the surface.

To maintain an even appearance, consider adding a little glue dot about every 6 inches along the ribbon’s path.

Attaching ribbon with glue.
Attaching Ribbon with Glue

As you progress, you have the creative freedom to add as many “bands” as you like. These bands can be horizontal stripes of ribbon that encircle the shade. Depending on your design vision, you might opt for a few bands at the bottom and one at the top for a balanced and visually appealing look.

Finished lamp shades.
Finished Lamp Shades

Tip: Look for ribbon tape for an easier application method!

Finishing Touch

Now that you’ve updated your lamp base and shade, you’ll have successfully transformed your mismatched or outdated lamps into fresh and stylish ones customized to your own decorating aesthetic.

Commonly asked questions about painting a lamp base:

What type of paint should I use for the lamp base? It’s best to use spray paint designed for metal or plastic surfaces for a durable finish.

Can I use a different color combination for the lamp base? Absolutely! Get creative with your color choices to match your decor style.

How long does the paint need to cure before applying the second coat? Wait about a week to ensure the paint has fully cured before taping off and applying the second coat.

More Ideas for Lamp Makeovers

Lamp Makeover Ideas

Explore a realm of endless possibilities when it comes to lamp makeovers. Whether you're looking to add a touch of vintage charm, embrace the cozy farmhouse aesthetic, go boho with vibrant patterns, or infuse a coastal vibe, there's a lamp makeover idea for every style.

Delve into a collection of creative lamp transformations and discover the perfect way to brighten up your space while adding a personal touch to your decor. Get ready to be inspired and unleash your inner decorator!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the lamp makeover tutorial today! Remember, home decor should always be a reflection of your unique style and personality. So, let your creativity shine, and embrace the joy of transforming your space with these quick lamp refresh ideas.

For more design inspiration and DIY projects, make sure to check out a couple of my favorite well-known websites.

  1. Houzz – Your One-Stop Home Design Destination
  2. Better Homes & Gardens – Where Beautiful Homes Begin

These resources will provide you with a wealth of ideas to continue enhancing your home. Until next time, happy decorating!

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    1. Thank you! I love how the shade turned out but am already contemplating changing the white base to a gray or mint. That’s how things go around here…. 😉

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