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A Laundry Room Refresh with Easy Updates

Find easy ways to add color and style to your laundry room refresh with materials you already have in the New Year New Room Refresh challenge.

Happy New Year! There’s light at the end of the tunnel my friend and I’m so grateful for creative challenges like this one that motivates me to update a room since we are spending much more time at home these days. I’m giving you the scoop on how to give a laundry room a quick refresh using supplies or materials you already have or can get inexpensively.

New Year New Room Refresh Challenge 2021 Igstory

Welcome the A New Year, New Room Refresh! A huge thanks to Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living for organizing this month-long challenge for interior/DIY bloggers. This is the 6th year and I’ve participated in every one! Last year I completely transformed a windowless box of a room into a colorful-maximalist office and this year I’m tackling our laundry room.

Laundry Room Refresh

The refresh has used official sponsors and time extensions in the past but the goal this year is to keep the refresh simple with a couple of easy projects to breathe new life into a room. My personal goal is not to spend any money by using leftover paint and supplies that I already have. I’m excited to share tips on how you can do the same!

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The Laundry Room Before

Let me introduce to you our laundry room. It’s by far, the nicest space we’ve ever had to do laundry and I’m excited about the “blank” canvas. I feel like it is a generic laundry room that most people can relate to. We don’t even have fancy front loaders but I am still going to add style and jazz up the area!

Img 1998
Img 2002
Img 1999

After we got settled in our “new house” two years ago, I painted the cabinets a light pink, spray painted the pulls gold, and built a simple shelf to cover the hoses and cords. It is finally time to take it up a notch!

Laundry Room Inspiration

My inspiration came from other rooms in our house since I’m using supplies I have leftover like paint and wallpaper. If you’ve been here before you may recognize my sons’ room, office, and most recently, the hallway bathroom.

Here’s my inspiration board based on the wall color from my son’s room, the cabinet color in the office, and the white walls with blue and white wallpaper and a gold pull in the bathroom. Also, I painted the open living-foyer-dining rooms Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster White so I plan on using the rest of the paint for a fresh coat on the laundry room walls to start with a blank palette.

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Laundry Room Refresh
Laundry Room Designs for Option One and Two

Milton and King Wallpaper | Gold Pulls | Velvet Finishes Paint | Sherwin Williams

Laundry Room Refresh Ideas

Three walls will be white but for the fourth wall, where the cabinets and washer and dryer are, I have three design options in mind. I would love to know what your favorite is if you can visualize them. 😉

Option one- Bold- White walls and blue and green focal wall: Paint the cabinets, wood shelf, and the wall above the cabinets an earthy green as in my office. The wall above the shelf would be blue and white wallpaper.

Option two- All soft blue and white: Paint the cabinets and shelf SW Copen Blue and wallpaper the wall above the cabinets and below the cabinets.

Option Three – Subtle pop of color: Paint the cabinets and shelf the same white as the rest of the room. Install wallpaper above the shelf and paint the ceiling light blue.

I naturally lean towards color so option one is my preferred design. But there is a strong possibility of us moving this summer so going more neutral and traditional might be better to sell the house. What do you think?

Here are a few quick ideas you can use to update your laundry room!

  1. Paint a focal wall with leftover house paint.
  2. Use wrapping, shelf, wallpaper, or fabric to cover the area between the washer/dryer and upper cabinets with a pop of pattern.
  3. Repurpose art from other areas of the house or storage to add interest to the walls.
  4. Paint outdated cabinets and replace the pulls.
  5. Add extra storage with a simple DIY shelf and/or narrow caddy to fit between the washer and dryer.

My laundry room to-do list for the next three weeks.

  • Build shelf with a plank of wood and two metal L brackets.
  • Paint walls and trim white with leftover paint.
  • Paint cabinets and shelf blue or green with leftover paint.
  • Install a small section of wallpaper.
  • Frame stored art prints and find a new rug with a store gift card.

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  1. If you are serious about moving I’d do the third option. I’m a colour lover too but subtle seems to be the most popular. I’m sure it will be gorgeous any way you do it! I am loving that blue! I may paint my living-dining rooms that colour!

      1. Hi Kathy, your home looks beautiful! We’re in the process of doing our laundry room also. I think your option 2 sounds wonderful! I am going with something very similar. I figure if I want more color I can add throw rugs, accents etc. Anxious to see your finished project!

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