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Let it Snow!


Want a winter wonderland look to your holiday decor this year? Create a wintery setting with a DIY snow wall for under $5!!

It may not be snowing outside (yet) but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a winter wonderland inside!  Hey there.  I’m so glad you stopped by today.  I have such a fun and unique winter DIY for you and the best part is, it only costs a bag of cotton balls!

DIY Cotton Snow Wall


This DIY snow wall is super easy to make, just takes a little time. SONY DSC


Cotton balls

White thread and needle

White or clear push pins


Put it together

Thread cotton balls ( I did anywhere from 7 to 20 on each strand)

Tie off the last cotton ball with the thread

Measure out the desired length (I stood on a chair and held up the thread of cotton balls still attached to the spool)

Wrap the top end of the thread around the push pin 10 times and push into ceiling

Cut the thread at the top


I created a zigzag pattern on the ceiling then added a few short strands in between.


If you are working around a vignette, adjust thread height accordingly.


This snow wall was totally worth the hour it took to string and hang 400 cotton balls!


It worked on it three separate nights for a few minutes.  It was actually fun to assemble except for a few needle pricks.  😉SONY DSC

Of course I had to include my favorite quote about snow. (Inspired by Lindsey Letter’s Holiday collection!)SONY DSCTo print out an 8×10 copy, click here.

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