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Let’s go antiquing!

I love to go antiquing when I’m in Fort Worth.  Yes, we have lots of cute antique stores on the coast of NC but because of the area, they can be overpriced and have a slow rotation of merchandise.  So while I was in TX last month, my sister took me to the Montgomery Antique Mall and I browsed my heart out (and made a couple of small purchases.)  If you are one of those that love the idea of antiquing but are worried once you get home your house is going to look too much like grandma’s, I’ll give you some tips as I share some really cool finds!  (Although my grandmother’s house is gorgeous!)antiques1

Tip one:  Look for pieces with neutral colors and interesting shapes.

The upper left pic is an Art Deco table lamp recognizable by it’s round shape with bands and curves.  This object is taste specific.  I took a picture of it because  it is from my favorite time period but I wouldn’t choose it as a “safe” antique to decorate around. 🙂 The typewriter, globe, and old doorknob that has been turned into a wire picture holder could all be easily incorporated into many styles.


Tip two:  Mix an antique piece that makes a statement with modern elements or clean lines.

A neutral background (especially whites,  grays, and taupes) will create a lovely backdrop for your find.   Don’t you love those clocks, top hats, and industrial lights? antiques4

The film projector is a great example of a statement piece, especially if you are a movie buff.  It could be a fun item to have in your family room or den, near the tv. 😉 antiques5

Tip three:  Look for pieces with a classic shape or color.

A little more on the feminine side, the beaded chandelier and the lamp with the black lamp shade are perfect for the living, dining, or bedroom. A little pop of black helps ground any space and adds a bit of elegance.  The black lace parasol is gorgeous but would be more tricky to fit in because of it’s shape, size, and Victorian style.   I would probably use it in my daughter’s room if it had made it home with me!  The rocking chair drew me in because of the upholstery with the jewel tone and the arm curves, it would be perfect for a moody room.  You may hate me for saying this but I would paint the mahogany a gray to give it an updated feel.  (see tip four)


Tip four:  Don’t be afraid to alter an antique.

If you buy something you like, but after you brought it home it just looked outdated, give it some love!! Unless you are worried about reselling it or it’s worth thousands of dollars don’t worry about altering it to fit your style.  EVERY piece I have ever found in an antique store I have painted or reupholstered.  Every. Piece. Some I have kept for years before changing them but have never regretted updating or giving them new life. Promise. antiques7

If I wasn’t purging items for our upcoming move, this probably would have come home with me! I love something unexpected and this would have definitely added that element in our beach house. antiques8

Tip five:  If you are feeling adventurous, know what’s hot!

I’m already drawn to hides and equestrian art (I have a pretty horse and hound cross stitch that I snagged for $5) but have you been seeing it in home decor magazines and websites?  It always fun to spot a trend and then decide if it’s “classic” enough to out last the trend.  For the record, I think equestrian will always be around. 😉

Clocks and typewriters, always a safe bet. Oh, and old cameras.antiques10

Tip six: Antique malls are a great source for unique gifts and home decor!

Often times, sellers will mix in handmade items or new merchandise with their antiques.  Regardless it’s new or not, you can find some great deals (under $20 easily) and interesting cool gifts for your friends and family.


I was looking for jewelry on that particular day.

Look what I found! antiques2

A cork clutch. I know, it’s cool. And a bit trendy, but really cool. Also found a pretty little bracelet (a reproduction but for $5, I didn’t care!).antiques-kathy antiques-dana

Sorry for picture quality, all of them were taken with my Iphone. 😉

How do you feel about going antiquing now?  Is it something you already do?  If you need a shopping buddy, let me know!

On a side note: Both of my children called me “Auntie D” while I was in TX.  What’s up with that? Don’t they know their own mother?  The joys of being a twin. Love it.







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