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Love Your Space Challenge #1: Move a Piece of Furniture


PicMonkey CollageHi there!  How was your New Year’s Eve?  2014 is here and it is time for a fresh start. =) Now, I do have a few  resolutions of my own.  Start the day with devotions (EVERYDAY) and find a midweek bible study (would also love to join a book club).  Start running again.  (I just signed up for a 1/2 marathon in March, so now I HAVE to run.) Eliminate most bread and sugar products from my meals.  Have more patience with my children.  Whew, I am already exhausted.   Lastly, make our home more functional and pretty!  Which fortunately just sounds like fun to me but I am super excited to do it with YOU!!  Are you ready to begin Love Your Space Challenge #1?  I am!! (obviously, HA!)

Week 1 Living Spaces

Challenge #1: Move a Piece of Furniture

Challenge #2: Hang Something New on Your Wall

Challenge #3: Style Your Coffee Table

Challenge #4: Add Fresh Air

Challenge #5: Style Your Bookcase

Week 2 Sleeping Spaces

Challenge #6: Change Your Textiles (bedding)

Challenge #7: Change Your Drawer Knobs

Challenge #8: Have Your Clothes Ready to Wear

Challenge #9: Dress Your Dresser

Challenge #10: Be Ready for Guests

Week 3 Eating Spaces

Challenge #11: Set Up a Tea/Coffee Station

Challenge #12: Spruce Up Your Seating

Challenge #13: Organize Your Pantry. Fast.

Challenge #14: Style Your Buffet/Sideboard

Challenge #15: Treat Your Kitchen Window

Week 4 Bathroom, Laundry room, and Office

Challenge #16: Make Your Bathroom Pretty

Challenge #17: Organize your Laundry Room

Challenge #18: Repurpose Something!

Challenge #19: Conquer Paper Clutter

Challenge #20:  Organize a Junk Drawer

This week, Jan 1st through the 7th, we will be working on our living spaces.  So after you put away all of those Christmas decorations, continue on to challenge #1….

Love Your Space Challenge #1

Move a piece of furniture!

Is there anything in your living spaces that could be more functional? Are you ready for a change?  Here are some options!!

More time: For those of you that LOVE to change your decor all of the time, look around your living room, den, or family room.  If your space allows it, try swapping your couch with another piece of furniture (entertainment center, bookcases, occasional chairs)  in the room (or from a different room), putting it at a diagonal, or placing it on a different wall.   Keep in mind the flow and walking paths.

metallic-silver-room-ictcrop_galvia Real Simple

Less Time: For those of you who are already thinking about skipping this challenge, move a small piece of furniture (a chair, side table, small bookcase) into your space.  Add a reading chair in front of a bookcase.  A small chest or table by the front door to create a little foyer.  If your room is already busy, just remove a piece of furniture.

home-office-corner-ictcrop_galvia Real Simple

My outcome:  Most of the time, I do my blogging on the dining room table or kitchen breakfast bar (close to the tea and coffee) on our main floor so I am constantly moving my lap top and schedules, camera, and other items around when it is time to eat.  My solution? Bring a desk from downstairs to the main floor by the piano.SONY DSC

Now, I have a new place to blog (in my favorite blogging room) and it adds to my “music studio”.


Great lighting, beautiful view, perfect cup of tea, and I can always take a break from writing to play some Chopin!


How are you going to handle challenge 1?  Please leave me a comment below and also post your before and after pics on Up to Date’s Facebook page so I can see all of your pretty spaces!!

Come back tomorrow for Challenge #2!!



  1. Your room looks wonderful!! I am loving the piano 🙂 and love your new photo! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I think a piano makes any room look pretty. 🙂 I am not quite finished with the area yet, it will be making a reappearance later on this month. Sweet of you to mention my new picture!

  2. I love the idea of these challenges, Kathy, and your rearrangement looks WONDERFUL! And these challenges are exactly something I need, especially since my home needs some major work. 😉

    Your resolutions for 2014 sound lovely, too, and like good things to work on throughout the year. Which half marathon are you running in March? I’m contemplating doing a full marathon in April, which sounds BONKERS, but is exciting, too…

    1. Erin, I would love to see pictures if you do any of the challenges! It sure is putting me on the ball to get things done. We are having our first annual 1/2 marathon on Emerald Isle. I am so excited, its where I run weekly. Keep me updated if you do one in April. Have you done a full yet?

  3. Hello, I just found your Challenge#2 through Pinterest and gonna try it in the beginning on 2015 🙂
    Thanx for inspiration 🙂

    1. That’s great Tamme! I’m starting a new challenge Jan 1st and this time it will be a short challenge for every day of the month. 😉 Happy New Year!

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