Love Your Space Challenge # 10: Be Ready for Guests


PicMonkey CollageHi there.  Today is our last “sleeping spaces” challenge and I had fun putting this post together.  If you have missed any of the previous challenges just click on a links below! We have two more weeks ahead of us and will be starting with the kitchen tomorrow.  The challenges for our “eating spaces” will be full of tips for organization, function, and style.

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Week 2 Sleeping Spaces

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Challenge #10: Be Ready for Guests

Week 3 Eating Spaces

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Challenge #20:  Organize a Junk Drawer


Love Your Space Challenge #9

Be Ready for Guests

Whether you have a guest room or not, it is always nice to have items set aside to make their stay more comfortable.

Option 1:  If you have a designated guest room a small writing desk, an upholstered chair, and a luggage rack are usually appreciated by guests and visitors.  I know this isn’t practical for everyone, only if you have the space and the means. 😉 You can always work with what you have and think outside of the box!

guest-room-hgtvvia Indulgy

Option 2:  If you do not have a designated guest room, have guest items stored and ready in the linen closet or bedroom.

Guest-room-side-tablevia My Colortopia

Check list for both options: 

A few empty hangers in the closet.  Bath/house robe would be a bonus and make your guests feel special!

An empty drawer if practical.

Reading materials set aside for them. (Just a few magazines, classic novels, or novelty books will do the trick!)

Writing material with a couple of stamps (pen and pretty paper or stationary )

Alarm clock

Extra bedding (even if it is just an extra quilt or throw blanket)

Water bottles/glasses

A dish for jewelry


Bathroom items: toiletries (travel bottles collected in a pretty container will do the trick) extra towels, hair dryer, Tylenol, sunscreen

Extra items: (per my husband’s suggestions.  He’s a keeper!) sleeping mask, house socks or slippers, brochures or local map for your area, wi-fi password)

I put a little guest “collection” together on my daughter’s dresser to show you what I usually do.  We do not have a spare room for guests so we make do with what we have.  Fortunately there is enough space in our daughter’s bedroom to have an empty drawer and room in the closet for longer visits.  Everything is stored close by in the linen closet for easy access.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Remember that little personal touches make your guests feel special!

Thanks for being my guest today,


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  1. I don’t have a guest room because I don’t want guests lol they stay and never leave. I love though that you can make them feel comfortable I don’t want anyone staying over if they can’t feel at home. Great post

    1. LOL Thanks Kita! As I writing this post, I kept thinking about adding a tagline “These tips are for IF you want your guests to be comfortable!”

  2. Yes! It’s so important to be ready, then you can be calm and enjoy your time with your guests. Just making sure we had enough pretty towels and extra blankets for guests has been such a relief to me. I’m not freaking out running laundry and rearranging beds an hour before they arrive, and I’m not embarrassed and making excuses for how things look. 🙂 I also set out an empty laundry basket so they aren’t having to repack everything into their suitcase as they go, instead they can wait until the end of the trip or do a load of laundry here.

    I love your idea of writing materials, what a fun way for them to jot a note to someone when they have a few minutes!

  3. Love this idea. I always leave a welcome note in my guest room for our guest and a bathroom toiletry kit so they feel like they are staying at a hotel lol.

  4. This is wonderful Kathy! I actually just cleaned up and moved things around so that our guest bedroom looks like a guest bedroom instead of my storage unit haha P.S. How was I not following you on Bloglovin’ before?! Well I am now!! 🙂

  5. Our “guest” room is now my husband’s office. I don’t know how that happened but how can I use it for both? First I need to get rid of his ugly –fold up table–that he uses as a desk and maybe we can get somewhere. I’m lovely this series, they’re bringing me back to my Martha Stewart days 😉

    1. Thanks Chene!! yep, a desk with storage and you would be all set to go! My mom used to call me her “little Martha Stewart”. LOL

  6. I love your ideas. I also love the idea of small changes made daily can have a GREAT impact at the end of the month! I am going to give this a try! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Apryl! And you are right, I can’t believe the changes in our house after 2 and 1/2 weeks of projects. So much fun! I would love to hear about the ones you try.

  7. Thank you so much for this post! I plan to put postage stamps in my guest room for when my visitors come next week! Perfect idea— thank you!

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