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Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 24th

Hi there! We had a little adventure last night.  Our hotel was evacuated due to a fire alarm going off.  No damage just a bunch of steam and a bunch of cold Americans standing around in the middle of the night. lol

On a brighter note, we are having fun house shopping and have narrowed it down to a couple of houses but we have a few more to look at this weekend and should make a final decision tonight or tomorrow.

Today’s Love Your Space Challenge is great for any cabinet or piece of furniture.  jan24th-feature-640My favorite stores to look for pulls are World Market, Anthropologie, and Hobby Lobby. knobs-jan24th-loveyourspace

Here’s how to participate:

Follow Up to Date Interiors on instagram

Each day, post a picture of your completed challenge and tag #loveyourspacechallenge so we can enjoy each other’s spaces!

I’m super excited to see and feature some of your finished tasks so please share them!!

Don’t miss a challenge!

Follow Up to Date Interiors on Facebook here.  I will be posting each challenge daily.loveyourspace-pinterest

If you missed any previous challenges, here they are:

Jan 1: Remove dust jackets off of books

Jan 2: Use baskets and bins for extra storage 

Jan 3: Line the back of a bookcase with pretty fabric or paper

Jan 4: Rugs!

Jan 5: Change the textiles in your living room

Jan 6: Create a collection for an unexpected vignette 

Jan 7: Decorate your fireplace mantel

Jan 8: Amp up your lighting

Jan 9: Switch out dining room seating

Jan 10: Update a light fixture

Jan 11: Add a table centerpiece

Jan 12: Display pretty dish towels

Jan 13: Use attractive fridge magnets

Jan 14: Corral kitchen items on a cake stand

Jan 15: Hang a mirror

Jan 16: Paint a windowsill

Jan 17: Use a storage bench, cubes, or baskets

Jan 18: Style your bedside tables

Jan 19: Swap out bed linens

Jan 20: Organize your closet

Jan 21: Change the look of your curtains

Jan 22: Add a piece of furniture in the closet for more storage

Jan 23:  Display your child’s artwork


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