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Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 8th

We might get snow today!! I know some of you are way over snow but we are leaving in one week for Okinawa and I really want to see snow before we go. lol

Just a couple of more days to work on our living rooms and then we will move on.  Today’s challenge is simple.  Scope out your room and see if any table lamps could use a boost! You may be surprised how much difference a few books placed underneath a lamp can change your table vignette and overall look of your space.  This is also a great solution for leveling two different sized lamps flanking a couch or another piece of furniture. jan8-post-640

couch-after-640 In the above picture, the two side tables are different heights.  Adding books allowed the matching lamps be the same height.  You can also try the opposite and use books under one lamp to break up symmetry.  right-side-of-couch-oil-painting-640

Here’s how to participate:

Follow Up to Date Interiors on instagram

Each day, post a picture of your completed challenge and tag #loveyourspacechallenge so we can enjoy each other’s spaces!

I’m super excited to see and feature some of your finished tasks so please share them!!

Don’t miss a challenge!

Follow Up to Date Interiors on Facebook here.  I will be posting each challenge daily.loveyourspace-pinterest

If you missed any previous challenges, here they are:

Jan 1: Remove dust jackets off of books

Jan 2: Use baskets and bins for extra storage 

Jan 3: Line the back of a bookcase with pretty fabric or paper

Jan 4: Rugs!

Jan 5: Change the textiles in your living room

Jan 6: Create a collection for an unexpected vignette 

Jan 7: Decorate your fireplace mantel

Jan 8: Amp up your lighting

Jan 9: Switch out dining room seating

Jan 10: Update a light fixture

Jan 11: Add a table centerpiece

Jan 12: Display pretty dish towels

Jan 13: Use attractive fridge magnets

Jan 14: Corral kitchen items on a cake stand

Jan 15: Hang a mirror

Jan 16: Paint a windowsill

Jan 17: Use a storage bench, cubes, or baskets

Jan 18: Style your bedside tables

Jan 19: Swap out bed linens

Jan 20: Organize your closet

Jan 21: Change the look of your curtains

Jan 22: Add a piece of furniture in the closet for more storage

Jan 23:  Display your child’s artwork

Jan 24: Switch out your bathroom cabinet knobs

Jan 25: Use white bath towels

Jan 26: Hang art in the bathroom

Jan 27: Put fresh or dried lavender in your laundry room

Jan 28: Organize your desk top

Jan 29: Lean art in an unexpected place

Jan 30:  Add some fresh flowers to your space

Jan 31: Add a scented candle

Stay warm!


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