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Love Your Space Series: Finishing Touches


Wow, we’ve made it to week four already!  Let’s do a little reflection on what we’ve gone over so far.love-your-space-series-week4-pinterestWeek one started with a state of mind where I shared my decorating philosophy and we chatted about what kind of decorator you might be.  If you missed this post, you can see it HERE.

Next, I shared different methods of finding inspiration for decor.  Hopefully, this step was fun for you.  I love finding color palettes in unexpected places.  You can read all about it HERE.

Last week, we started the decorating process with items you already have.  We touched on proper placement for furniture, rugs, window treatments, wall art, and hanging lights.  You can find that post HERE.

Now it’s time to add in the details to your space!  This is my favorite part and when a room really comes to life.SONY DSC

Wall color:

We haven’t discussed wall color yet so let’s start with that.  If you are fighting against a dark color or hue that just doesn’t feel like you, a fresh coat of neutral paint will transform your space.  If you are unsure of color, look for grays, taupes, and warm or cool whites.  To check the undertone of a neutral, look at the paint swatches immediately around the neutrals.   When picking the shade, in most cases the paint swatch color will appear darker on your wall when it dries.   Remember, it’s easier to go darker than lighter, so start light!SONY DSC

If you are ready for more color try a moody-saturated blue, green, or purple in the powder room, bedroom, or dining room. SONY DSC

Decorating items:

Go through your decorating items and decide if you want to keep, get rid of, or repurpose.   Try swapping textiles and decor from other rooms.  If you feel like your accessories feel heavy, a quick couple of coats of white spray paint can do wonders!  (Vases, candle holders, frames, figures, and even baskets can be painted.)SONY DSC


To add in soft textures and interesting patterns/colors, throw pillows and throws are your best friend.  Mix a large geometric print with a small scale floral/abstract, and a solid.  A large floral with with a small geometric and solid is also a great combination.  An uneven amount of pillows in different colors and patterns are more casual than matching pairs of pillows.living-room-textiles

Throws in neutrals, a graphic stripe, or subtle trellis pattern look great thrown over the couch, ottoman, chair, bed…. you name it, it goes!SONY DSC


It’s important to have good lighting in each space.  This post HERE, explains the different types of lighting and how to use them in your room. SONY DSC

Your room is almost put together, but it still needs the icing on the cake.  It’s time for some “magazine” worthy styling tips.

Tell a story with your pretty things.

Being able to style tabletops, bookshelves, and other furniture can be tricky but it is so very rewarding when you get it right.  Here are tips to remember when you start tackling those flat surfaces.

-Groupings of items should be in odd numbers and various heights.

-Something vertical, something horizontal, and something sculptural are the perfect recipe for an interesting vignette.

-Less is usually more.  When you think you have all of the items you love displayed in an appealing way, take away an item or two.

-Don’t be afraid to hang things off the front of a bookcase or lean art in the back.

-Stacked books, decorative boxes, and trays are a fantastic way to ground a vignette and keep it looking neat.


For more tips on styling, check out these posts;

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You’ll probably find that you want more decorating items to style with unless you have decorating accessories stashed away and can “shop” your house.

Make a shopping list and take your time.

“A curated home is so much more interesting than an ‘out of the box’ (store) home.  Tell stories with vignettes, collect interesting items in a similar shape or color, and purchase items from a variety of home stores and antique/resale shops that make you happy.

Kathy Baugher | Owner


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