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Love Your Space Challenge: Jan 1st

Happy New Year! You can read about the 31 day Love Your Space challenge here.

Ready to get started?

The first week of challenges will be focused on living areas.  Today’s task is to remove the dust jackets off of your hardbound books to showoff the hardcover.  For even a bigger impact on your shelf, group same color of books together! SONY DSC

SONY DSC SONY DSC bookcase-upclose-564x800

For more tips on styling a bookcase, click here and here.

Here’s how to participate:

Follow Up to Date Interiors on instagram

Each day, post a picture of your completed challenge and tag #loveyourspacechallenge and #uptodateinteriors so we can all enjoy each other’s spaces!

I’m super excited to see and feature some of your finished tasks so please share them!!

Don’t miss a challenge!

Follow Up to Date Interiors on Facebook here.  I will be posting each challenge daily.loveyourspace-pinterest

Jan 1: Remove dust jackets off of books

Jan 2: Use baskets and bins for extra storage 

Jan 3: Line the back of a bookcase with pretty fabric or paper

Jan 4: Rugs!

Jan 5: Change the textiles in your living room

Jan 6: Create a collection for an unexpected vignette 

Jan 7: Decorate your fireplace mantel

Jan 8: Amp up your lighting

Jan 9: Switch out dining room seating

Jan 10: Update a light fixture

Jan 11: Add a table centerpiece

Jan 12: Display pretty dish towels

Jan 13: Use attractive fridge magnets

Jan 14: Corral kitchen items on a cake stand

Jan 15: Hang a mirror

Jan 16: Paint a windowsill

Jan 17: Use a storage bench, cubes, or baskets

Jan 18: Style your bedside tables

Jan 19: Swap out bed linens

Jan 20: Organize your closet

Jan 21: Change the look of your curtains

Jan 22: Add a piece of furniture in the closet for more storage

Jan 23:  Display your child’s artwork

Jan 24: Switch out your bathroom cabinet knobs

Jan 25: Use white bath towels

Jan 26: Hang art in the bathroom

Jan 27: Put fresh or dried lavender in your laundry room

Jan 28: Organize your desk top

Jan 29: Lean art in an unexpected place

Jan 30:  Add some fresh flowers to your space

Jan 31: Add a scented candle

Have a wonderful New Year’s!



  1. I definitely do not love my space right now, but as the kids get older, we are getting rid of some of their clutter. Slowly!

  2. I have to admit.. I panicked. Just a little bit but I still panicked.
    I always take the dust jackets off when I read the book but I always put them back on.
    They will look much tidier with them off.
    I wonder what color of books we have… off to look!

    1. That’s funny. I stored our dust jackets but it’s been about 7 years since I took them off. I don’t think they are going back on. Have fun!!

  3. Great challenge. Challenges are a great way to stay on top of things! I am always joining them and encouraging others to join too.

  4. What a great idea! I have a whole wall of bookshelves that I’m not quite sure what to do- how to style them. I should for sure start with removing the dust jacket. What do you recommend for paperback book? I have about 20 that I just LOVE and want to keep.

    1. I mix in paperback books with my color groupings. If you have some that don’t look so appealing, you can put them in a basket, bin, or a box. 😉

    1. Awe! Thanks Marilyn. I’m a little sad because most of our stuff in going into long term storage including my bookcase but we are making a huge move to Japan in just two more weeks. EEK!!

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