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Love Your Space Series: A State of Mind


Hello friends.  Welcome to week one of 2016 Love Your Space Series.  I’m really excited to get this started, it’s something that has been on my mind for months! love-your-space-series-week1-pinterest

The last two years we took the entire month of January for a New Year’s Love Your Space Challenge.  It included 30 days of 15 minutes tasks to help you create a more functional and enjoyable space.  You can find these challenges HERE.

This year I’ll be sharing with you the decorating process behind the Love Your Space challenge in four segments, starting with the thought process.  It’s sort of a prequel to the Love Your Space challenge.  

For this week, I want you to think about how you feel about your space and what goals you might have.  Chances are, you might feel like one of these;

The frustrated renter-

You move around often or you’re a long term renter.  Either way, there are limitations to what a renter can do with their home.  No major renovations are allowed and you have to gain approval for painting walls and changing light fixtures.   Working around oddly placed fire extinguishers and fuse boxes make decorating more of a chore than fun.SONY DSC

The stuck homeowner-

You have big plans for your property but not sure where to start or exactly what the details are going be.  You have a good idea how each room functions but unsure of what’s the best furniture placement, appropriate lighting, and other finishing touches.

The happy homemaker-

You love making your house a home.  Whether you are a renter or homeowner, your abode is a fun place to decorate, find DIYs to tackle, and maybe you’ve tackled bigger renos.  Maybe you are ready for a refresh or ready for new inspiration to create updated vignettes.SONY DSC

First, let’s move past the roadblocks.  They will be different for each of us and some of us may have many more than others.

Perhaps you don’t have the time or think it’s too expensive to have a home you love.  Maybe you are so busy that decorating and organizing is not on the priority list but is still a desire. Maybe your biggest roadblock is that you just don’t know where to start or how the heck to get there.SONY DSC

I’ve been there.  My family and I have moved 7 times in the last eleven years.  We have owned and we have rented. We managed to have a smaller kitchen each time but a growing family.  Yet every time our situation has changed, I’ve looked forward to finding new ways to overcome small spaces, make wall colors work for our decor and style, and find new ways to store and organize our belongs.  

“Creating a space you love is more than having a pretty house. It’s about having an organized and functional home that you and your family and friends enjoy being in. It lets you focus on other important aspects of your life.  It’s a place that can inspire you to be creative, to relax, to spend time doing the things you love.

Kathy Baugher | Owner


How do you achieve this state of mind?  Start with what you have.  Break it down into smaller chunks and it can be easier than you think.  Making incremental changes and not stressing about taking on a huge project will make the process manageable and even enjoyable.  I’ll guide you along the way. SONY DSC

Now that we’ve explored what the “love your space” state of mind is and how it can affect the way you live, the next three weeks I’m going to share with you decorating and organizing tips, inspiration, and planning to help you get there.

Update:  If you are ready to move ahead, Love Your Space Series: Week 2 is live, click HERE.



  1. Can’t wait to see what’s in store, sounds exciting! I am planning (and saving) for purchasing a smaller home in the future but it’s a ways off. Sometimes I find myself saying things like “oh, well I’ll wait until I have my new house” or I find things about my current space that I don’ really like. I’m looking forward to working on loving my space while I’m here!


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