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An Easy Make-Ahead Christmas Breakfast Idea


Simplify your holiday meal planning with this easy make-ahead Christmas breakfast idea and take the fuss out of the holidays.

I don’t know about you but the last thing I want to do is prepare a big breakfast on Christmas. After Christmas Eve festvities and planning a large holiday dinner for Christmas it’s so much easier to keep that early morning meal simple. Here’s how you can make an easy Christmas breakfast ahead of time.

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Christmas Morning Ideas for Breakfast

Make-Ahead Christmas Breakfast

Welcome to Day Eight of A Very Global Christmas! My friend Casa Watkins Living and I love sharing globally inspired Christmas DIYs, decorating ideas, and entertaining tips so much this is our third year doing this unique series. Make sure to check out her yummy Spiked Caribbean Cafe Mocha!

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A Very Global Christmas

It’s early Christmas morning, the kids are up at the crack of dawn, and mom and dad insist on coffee and a fire before presents and stockings. Oh and birthday cake. Yep, my birthday is on Christmas and this is usually how our Christmases go.

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Christmas brunch ideas to make ahead of time.

In the last few years, my husband and kids have started surprising me with a birthday cake first thing on Christmas even before stockings. Then after presents, my husband makes french toast.

It’s so much food before our big holiday meal I thought this year I would take the work out of breakfast all together by setting up a breakfast station with danish and Swedish treats and juice. We can graze on it through the entire holiday break and save the birthday cake for later. It’s more fun to eat it with my twin sister anyway.

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Holiday napkins and cookies from IKEA.

Simply pick up some pre-made pastries or bake your favorites ahead of time and set out next to the coffee maker. Add a bowl of fruit, coffee mugs, juice, cups, plates, and napkins to make a special Christmas breakfast that’s super convenient.

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Breakfast bar for Christmas.

For our Christmas breakfast treats I prepared a blueberry and cream cheese danish bread ahead of time and added raspberry-filled cookies and sparkling juice. The pastries will keep on a covered dish for a few days and the juice and coffee creamer is ready to go straight from the fridge.

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Coffee station with Christmas treats.

I really do like simple hosting tricks like this even if it’s just for our family to enjoy. Plus you will be prepared for any guests stopping by for coffee and sweets. Make sure to check out this page for all of my Christmas decorating ideas, DIYs, easy entertaining tips, and free printables!

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Coffee station decorated with a DIY Fabric Covered Picture Frame.
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Danish in a cake dish set out for Christmas morning.
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Sparkling juice and cookies for Christmas day treats.

Now let’s go check out that delicious sounding recipe from Casa Watkins Living.

Are you hosting Christmas this year?



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