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Gorgeous Simple Flower Arrangements for Beginners that You Can Do in Minutes

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Create a beautifully eclectic and chic table with simple flower arrangements for beginners and other tablescape ideas from eclectic bloggers.

My friends and I are here to help you think outside the box for an interesting and colorful tablescape using what you have! So don’t fret about your next dinner party, we’ve got you covered.

Hi there!  I’m thrilled you stopped by today.  I’ve been busy with not-so-fun business tasks that I welcomed an invitation from Monica Wants It to share an eclectic and chic table setting for a seasonal blog hop. Flower arranging can be tricky, especially for beginners, so I wanted to share simple flower arrangement ideas along with other seasonal table decors.

Create an Eclectic and Chic Table Setting with Simple Flower Arrangements for Beginners

If you are coming from A Designer at Home, welcome.  I just adore Corinna’s knack for vintage boho style and her amazing talent of mixing layers and patterns. 

Howdy! I’m Kathy. We are a military family living overseas in Japan where I love to share rental-friendly decorating ideas and DIYs.

Simple flower arrangements for beginners like this cute faux centerpiece in a Japanese pottery bowl on a blue floral tablecloth with place settings.
DIY Floral Centerpiece for a Chic Table Setting

Our dining room is a traditional Japanese tatami room called washitsu.  It has so many beautiful warm tones and natural elements in the architecture that I wanted to keep this table setting simple with a gorgeous DIY centerpiece.

I’ve done other easy flower arrangements with faux and real stems in different settings and will share those stories down below to give you a few more ideas.

A beautiful and easy flower arrangement centerpiece for spring with pinks and green in a white Japanese pottery bow on a lace table runner with blue and white place settings.
DIY Faux Floral Centerpiece

How to create an easy faux floral Spring centerpiece:

  1. Use a unique bowl or serving dish for the container.  I used Japanese pottery with a great texture. Using a smaller dish makes it easier to put a flower arrangement together until you have more practice. If you do go larger, keep it simple by using 2-3 different types of stems.
  2. Add floral styrofoam (or any styrofoam on hand) to the bottom of the dish. You can also use a florist frog or tape over the opening to create a grid like I did with this flower arrangement. You pretty much make a tic-tac-toe or larger grid witht the tape to help keep the stems in place.
  3. Start with short stems to create a dome shape mixing floral and leaf stems.  Don’t be afraid to throw in air plants, succulents, and cabbage leaves to fill larger gaps especiallly if you are repusoing stems you already have. In general, select a few varites in different sizes but in the same color family or one to two contrasting colors.
  4. Once you achieve a round-full shape, add a few additional long stems in the middle and sides more interesting and organic silhouette.
A birds eye view of a beautiful spring tables-cape featuring simple flower arrangements for beginners with a lace runner on a blue floral table cloth and white and blue dishes with gold bamboo flatware.  Place setting for six.
Chic Table Setting with Floral Centerpiece
A corner of a Japanese washitsu room with black and white art and a spring table setting.  There's a cute floral centerpiece in pinks and greens and blue and white place settings with black chairs.  A peace lily sits on a chair in the corner.
Pretty Blue Table Setting Ideas

I simply used a mix of faux stems I had in a storage bin and pulled some stems from arrangements to make this centerpiece completely free.  Another option is to mix real flowers with faux stems to keep costs down as I did in this floral centerpiece

A pretty dark and light blue tablecloth with a pink floral centerpiece and white and blue dishes are on a light wood table with black wood chairs and a white chair in a tatatmi room.
Chic Table Setting in Blue Hues

Even though there are not as many layers as I usually add to a tablescape, I kept this table interesting by placing a floral tablecloth and a lace table runner under the basic dishes and serving ware.

A close up of a blue and white place setting with a white plate, blue and white floral napkin, gold bamboo flatware, and a blue glass all on a lace table runner.
Simple Table Setting with White, Blue, and Gold

The tablecloth is actually placed the wrong side up so the blues would be more muted. Pretty wrapping paper, throw blankets, and scarves make great tablecloths too.

A chic and eclectic table setting for spring bird's eye view of three place settings at the end of a table with a floral blue tablecloth, lace table runner, white plates, blue glasses, and gold bamboo flatware.
Elegant Tablescape with Everyday Dishes
A side view of place settings for spring in blue and white and gold.  A cute pink centerpiece with air plants sits in the middle of the table.
Gold Bamboo Flatware

Each place setting has my favorite gold bamboo serving ware, an IKEA plate, Calvin Klein cloth napkin, plastic stemware, and an elephant napkin holder that was my grandmother’s.  She lived in Africa for some time so these might even be global! 

A wide view of a tatami room set as an American dining room with light wood table and a mix of black and white wood chairs.   A floral blue tablecloth and cute Spring floral centerpiece with blue and white place settings are on the table.
Small Dining Room

We have many of our nice dishes in long-term storage while we live overseas so I often do crazy things like mixing plastic and china together.  Rules are meant to be broken, right?

A partial view of a dining table with a blue global tablecloth, black chairs, and pink and white and blue table setting and centerpiece.
Black Farmhouse Chairs

Other simple flower arrangements for beginners:

A Beautiful but Small Real Flower Arrangement in a Thrifted Silver Bowl with Grocery Store Flowers

Mixing Real and Faux Stems together in Jars for a Larger Centerpiece

Succulents and Thistle in a Brass Coffee Pot

Faux Fall Stems in a Large Vase

How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangments Look Good

A Colorful Tablescape Bar Decor Ideas graphic showing a collage of eclectic and colorful spring table ideas.
Eclectic and Chic Table Setting Ideas

Thanks so much for stopping by.  There are many other beautiful Spring tables to inspire you.  Make sure to check out Stephanie’s from Casa Watkins Living, next on the blog hop!  You’ll love her global eclectic style. 

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You can find all the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter on this page! It also includes seasonal printables and checklists and worksheets for Spring decluttering and organizing.

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Do you have any favorite hacks for simple flower arranging?



  1. I must sound like a broken record, but I am straight up OBSESSED with your flatware. And can we talk about that flower arrangement? perfection. Spring has definitely sprung in your home mdear <3

  2. I love the simplicity of this tablescape and that bowl that your floral arrangement is in, it is stunning! I have always admired how you live in Japan but you are making the best of it by doing what you love.

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