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Make Beautiful Easter Eggs in a Global Style

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Turn your plastic eggs into beautiful boho Easter eggs inspired by Moroccan wedding blankets for a global style with this fun DIY.

Are you looking for unique ways to decorate your plastic Easter eggs? Sometimes I get a wild hair and think of something crazy to do and it ends up being one of my best DIYs! While thinking of a way to repurpose plastic eggs into global-inspired ones my mind wandered to Moroccan wedding blankets and how that would translate to a decorated egg. The result? Beautiful boho Easter eggs.

How to Turn Plastic Eggs into Boho Easter Eggs

Welcome to A Very Global Easter series where Casa Watkins Living and I are sharing seven days of globally inspired Easter decorating ideas, DIYs, and printables. Today’s theme if you haven’t guessed it is eggs!

Boho Easter Eggs
Boho Easter Eggs

What you need for Moroccan Wedding Blanket eggs:

  • Plastic eggs (large and small)
  • Spray paint (white and gold)
  • Mini white fringe, silver fringe, silver sequin string, black and white cording, loose woven yarn (embellishments from the dollar store)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Ribbon Tape Diy boho Easter Eggs
Supplies for Boho Easter Eggs

How to create global style Easter eggs:

Watch me make Moroccan Wedding Blanket Eggs live on youtube!

  • Spray paint large plastic eggs white and small eggs with gold.  Use 2 light coats with 30 minutes of drying time in between.  Let completely dry for at least 2-3 hrs.
Plastic Eggs
Spray Paint
Painted Eggs
Plastic Eggs with a Coat of Spray Paint

For the large eggs:

  • Start by hot gluing yarn (I used a loose woven yarn that’s about 3/4 inch wide) around the egg.  Cover the egg completely or try variations like covering one half, just the middle, or just the ends.
Hot Gluing Egg Yarn
Hot Glue Yarn Around Egg
Glue Wrapping Yarn
Wrap Yarn
Yarn Wrapped Egg
Boho Easter Egg
  • Embellish with decorative tape, fringe, sequins, and cording by wrapping the material 1-3 times around a section of the egg.  Keep in place with a dot of glue where needed.    The majority of the egg should be covered in white materials and limit the other small pops of color to black and white, blush pink, and silver. 
White and Gold Boho Easter Eggs

For the small gold eggs

  • Glue trim around the middle to hide where the two eggs half meet.
Trim for Boho Easter Eggs
Small and Large Boho Easter Eggs
Global Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs Moroccan Wedding Blanket
Boho Eggs on Fur

Aren’t the pretty?  I just love the textures of the materials and they truly remind me of moroccan wedding blankets.  What do you think?

Easter Decor in Living Room
Boho Easter Eggs Displayed on Sofa Side Table
Boho Easter Eggs in a Pottery Bowl

I have them sitting next to our sofa with a couple of plants.  My floral pillow really draws out the small bits of pink from the eggs. 

Eggs Table Tall Blue
Boho Easter Eggs with Plants

If you love these, pin them for later!

Moroccan Wedding Blanket Eggs
DIY Boho Easter Eggs

It’s time to go see Casa Watkins Living’s gorgeous painted paper mache Easter egg DIY

Painted Paper Mache Eggs
Painted Paper Mache Eggs from Casa Watkins Living

Hope you enjoyed these ideas!!  Are they sparking any ideas?

You can find all the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter on this page! It also includes seasonal printables, checklists, and worksheets for Spring decluttering and organizing.


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