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How to make a signature Christmas cocktail with infused spirits!

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Create a signature Christmas cocktail with infused spirits for your next holiday get-together. Step-by-step instructions are included.

Greetings friend.  Welcome back to A Very Global Christmas.  If you are new to the series, my friend Casa Watkins Living and I share 12 days of globally inspired Christmas DIYs and decorating ideas every year. It is my favorite way to kick off the holiday season.

How to make infused spirits with vodka for Christmas

You can find all stories in one place on the A Very Global Christmas page. Today is day 11, with easy entertaining ideas, so we are getting close to the end! I’m excited to share with you how to make infused spirits so you can create a signature Christmas cocktail!

A pretty picture of Christmas infused spirits cocktails in two glasses with a bottle sitting on a wood tray in front of a grey couch with white and red pillows.
Blueberry and Cinnamon Infused Liquor Cocktail

My husband is helping me out with this one.  He’s been infusing spirits (flavoring alcohol) for a few years and is in the middle of a seasonal batch to give to friends and co-workers.  Two of our favorite holiday flavor pairings are blueberry and cinnamon and cherry with vanilla.

A close up of a cranberry, cinnamon, and blueberry Christmas cocktail on a coaster with fruit.
Christmas Signature Cocktail with Infused Spirits

I’m including the recipe for blueberry and cinnamon vodka but feel free to use your favorite fruit and spice/herb with your liquor of choice.

Infused spirits in a bottle with two cocktail glasses featuring berries and cinnamon drinks.
Berry Christmas Cocktail
A Christmas signature drink recipe with berries and cinnamon infused vodka.
Christmas Cocktail with Cranberry Ice Cubes

Blueberry and Cinnamon Infused Liquor Recipe

Print out the recipe card below for your convenience.


Blueberry and Cinnamon Infused Spirits

Create your own signature Christmas cocktail by using infused spirits.   It makes for a great hostess or holiday gift! 


  • 1 bottle vodka or rum 750 ml
  • 1 quart of fresh blueberries or 2 bags of frozen blueberries
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 1/4 cup turbinado sugar
  • 1/4 cup of filtered water
  • 1 glass jar
  • 1 muddle
  • 1 fine mesh metal strainer optional coffee filter and basket


How to make infused spirits

  1. Place blueberries in jar (thaw first if frozen) and mash with muddle.

  2. Pour in vodka (or white/silver rum if you prefer).

  3. Let it sit in a cool, dark place for 4 days to work it's magic.  It should strongly smell of blueberries! Yum.

  4. Add cinnamon sticks.  Store for additional 1-2 days.  When you can smell the cinnamon, it's ready.

  5. Strain mixture through a fine-mesh strainer, removing blueberries and cinnamon sticks.  Store in an air-tight container.

Simple syrup recipe (1/4 cup per 750 ml of diffused spirits)

  1. Bring 1/4 cup water to boil.

  2. Add 1/4 cup of turbinado sugar, stirring until all sugar dissolves.

  3. Remove from heat and pour directly into infused spirits.


Enjoy your infused spirits on the rocks or mix it in cranberry juice or sparkling water. 

IMPORTANT! Do not press berries for more juice.  Alcohol diffuses all flavor so there's no need to. 

Optional step:  Some particles may not strain but you can remove them by straining again through a coffee filter.

Add simple syrup (or honey) to sweeten and dilute it if it's too strong. 

Garnish your drink with cranberry ice cubes and fresh blueberries with cinnamon sticks. 

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What you need for Blueberry Cinnamon infused vodka

  • 1 bottle of Vodka 750 ml

My husband usually buys Stolichnaya or Russian Standard, two really great everyday Russian vodkas that are affordable.

Russian Standard is made from winter wheat. Stolichnaya is made from a combination of rye and wheat. Rye is chewier, spicy, and dry. Wheat is clean, fruity, and sweet.

  • 1 quart of fresh blueberries or 2 bags of frozen blueberries thawed
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 1/4 cup turbinado sugar
  • 1/4 cup of filtered water
  • 1 glass jar
  • 1 muddle
  • 1 fine mesh metal strainer optional coffee filter and basket

Freeze fresh cranberries into your ice cube tray with water for cranberry ice cubes! Use extra fresh blueberries and cinnamon sticks for garnish.

Two cocktail glasses with cranberry frozen ice cubes and fresh blueberries and cinnamon sticks.
Berries and Cinnamon

How to infuse spirits with vodka

This is actually a simple process. You place the fruit in a jar, muddle it, and then add in vodka. Store in a cool, dark place for 4 days. Let the vodka do its magic.

Strain the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer so only liquid remains. Do not try to press the fruit for more juice. Add 1/4 cup of simple syrup per 750 ml of diffused spirits.

Birds eye view of Christmas cocktail glasses with infused spirits and berries and cinnamon sticks.
Christmas Drink Ideas

How to make simple syrup

Bring filtered water to a boil, and add in turbinado sugar, stirring until it dissolves. Remove from heat and pour into infused liquor.

Make your own signature christmas cocktail with infused spirits using berries and cinnamon.  Two glasses and a bottle on a wood tray in front of a tv.
Cinnamon and Blueberry Christmas Cocktail with Infused Vodka

I just love the colors of this cocktail!  Aren’t they festive? You can serve infused spirits on the rocks or mix them with cranberry juice or sparkling water for your signature cocktail. Add honey or more simple syrup to sweeten it.

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Cherry and vanilla or berries and mint are other great infused vodka flavors to try. Check out these non-alcoholic options for a booze-free infused spirit or my friend’s Christmas ranch water hard-seltzer recipe.

Q&A for infused spirits:

How do you infuse a spirit? Make sure to use an airtight jar or container. Wash the ingredients, place them in a jar with liquor, and seal. Store in a dark cool place for a few days shaking it daily.

What is the best alcohol to infuse? Vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey, gin, and sake are all great options. Vodka seems to take the flavor the best.

What is liquor infusing? Infusing is a technique where you put the desired ingredients into the spirit, wait, remove the ingredients and the liquor takes on the flavor.

A huge thanks to my darling husband for sharing the recipe and details with me.  

A picture of my husband.
My Sweetiepie

Casa Watkins Living is sharing a dessert idea for easy entertaining. Make sure to check out her semi-homemade pound cake

Holiday pound cake hack from Casa Watkins Living.
Holiday Pound Cake

Head over to the winter holidays, DIYs, and decor page for more articles and resources!

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

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