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Making Floral Arrangements Easy and Beautiful with Simple DIY Methods

Don’t wilt under pressure – find simple DIY methods for making floral arrangements beautiful with fake or real flowers.

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Who doesn’t love flowers? They are the icing on the cake in a beautiful room and have the power to brighten up any space. But if you are anything like me, creating floral arrangements can seem daunting and expensive at first.

But fear not! I’ve rounded up my easiest floral arrangements to show you that you do not have to be a pro to create a beautiful piece! And all are done on a budget with a mix of faux and real stems, repurposed items, and DIY creativity. From simple bouquets to show-stopping centerpieces, I’ve got you covered.

So grab your favorite vase and scissors and let’s get started!

Making Floral Arrangements with Cheap Grocery Store Flowers

So you’ve decided to grab that pretty $5 bouquet at the checkout line thinking it will fancy up your space. But once you are home, remove the plastic wrap, and plop them in an empty vase they look bare, leggy, and lacking.

Try these tips and check out the stories below to make grocery store flowers look amazing.

  • Separate each stem from the bouquet.
  • Remove brown, withered, and unsightly leaves and only leave leaves near the top of the flower stems.
  • Look for a short container with a small opening like an empty candle holder, decorative bowl, or dish.
  • Trim the stems so that each one is roughly twice as tall as the container. Make sure to trim the stems at a 45-degree angle.
  • Look for greenery outside to use as a filler and place it in the vase.
  • Arrange each floral stem in the greenery with the tallest in the middle and the shorter on the outside evenly around if you use a mixed bouquet.
  • Display one type of flower like a spring bulb with

A simple grocery store flower bouquet was transformed with a thrifted silver bowl. This article shows you how to use masking tape instead of floral foam and filler from your yard/garden with cheap grocery store flowers to create a piece of floral art.

Making flower arrangements easy with a thrifted silver bowl and grocery store flowers on a stack of books on a wood sofa table.
A Simple Small Bowl Flower Arrangement

A small bouquet of flowers can be as much of a show stopper as a professional arrangement when using the correct size of vessel and a vase filler from the fridge. Check out this beautiful Spring tablescape and centerpiece on a budget.

Making floral arrangements with peonies and cabbage centerpiece on a wood table set with boho tableware.
Peonies and Cabbage Make a Pretty Centerpiece

A mixed bouquet looks smashing in a thrifted round vase. No professional arranger is needed here. It is all about scale and a fun mix of stems!

Bowl flower arrangements close up of green glass bowl with grocery store flowers.
A Green Bowl Flower Arrangement

Looking for an easy type of flower to fill a beautiful crystal vase? Seasonal bulbs like tulips just need lower leaves removed before placing in a traditional vessel. They lay beautiful and full with long stems and lovely shaped leaves.

A close up of purple tulips in a crystal vase on a coffee table with other Spring and Easter decorating accessories.
Purple Tulips in a Crystal Vase

The Best Faux Flowers for Realistic Arrangements

Sometimes investing in realistic flowers feels best knowing you can use the stems year after year. Find step by step artificial flower arranging for beginners in these beautiful examples. I think they’ll inspire you and settle any apprehensions that fake flowers can’t look real!

Bonus, these options are readily and conveniently available on Amazon and local craft stores like Joann. I purchase one at a time with their 40% coupon or take advantage of sales.

Fake Flowers that Look Real on Amazon JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores

Most of these fake flowers look like they came right from the garden and are best for small to medium vases. My favorite is to arrange flowers with real leaves or stems from outside.

Scroll down for larger arrangements created with faux sprays and stems.

Faux magnolia stems mixed with whatever green stems I could find outside in early Spring look amazing as a foyer centerpiece. Check out more tips for flower arranging with this variety here.

DIY fake flower arrangements that look real wtih faux magnolia stems in a purple glass vase on a mohagony foyer chest with a chinoiserie tin lamp and art.
Faux Magnolia Stems in an Empty Candle Jar

You would never know this DIY flower arrangement is made with fake daffodils but real leaves that stay green all year. Using a little water in the crystal vase adds to the illusion! See how to use fake flowers for Spring in this article.

Fake flowers look extremetly real mixed with leaves from the garden and in a crystal vase with water sitting on a stack of books.
Faux Flowers with Real Leaves

Shaping fake flower stems to look like their natural counterparts is a must when making these easy arrangements. No floral foam or floral tape is needed here. Read more about using faux stems and more flower arrangement ideas!

Fake sunflowers and poppies look real in a green bowl with water on a glass display case.
Flower Arrangement Ideas with Faux Stems

Another arrangement of the same sunflowers from above but with faux green stems in my grandmother’s small crystal vase. The pop of yellow is perfect for Spring or Summer decorating!

Fake sunflower stems in a crystal vase are on a white dresser with books and art.
A Simple Sunflower Arrangement for the Dresser

Get the most out of small silk Gerber daisies, hydrangeas, and roses by mixing them with leaves from a shrub or tree outside in a few mason jars and setting them in a tray, crate, or basket for a fun table centerpiece.

Fall centerpiece mixing fake and real floral in mason jars grouped in a wooden crate close up.
DIY Flower Arrangement with Fake Flowers and Mason Jars

It only takes 3 long faux poppy stems to create a show-stopping arrangement for a seasonal vignette on the mantel. Make sure each stem is a different color and different size flower or growing stage and look at pictures of the real flower for ideas on how to shape each stem to make a stunning and realistic piece.

Poppies in a clay vase are on a black mantel with art and decor against a german smear fireplace surround.
Poppies in Pottery on the Mantel

Can’t find a flower that looks real enough? Succulents, dry grasses, and plastic varieties like thistle are easy alternatives.

Succulents and pearl plant are in a brass middle easter coffee pot on a wood floating mantel with modern black and white art.
Succulents and Blooms in a Brass Coffee Pot

How to Make Large Flower Arrangements with Faux Stems

Look for large sprays of faux flowers and leaves or stems with multiple flower heads to make a large flower arrangement and stick to only 2-3 different varieties. The simplest arrangement is using one type of flower which eliminates the need for filler flowers or greenery and still looks stunning!

Get the most out of your fake stems by filling the bottom of a large vase or vessel with grocery sacks so that all of the pretty flowers really stand out at the top and look larger than they actually are! Separate and shape each stem to look the fullest and you will be able to use less.

A few pink fake flowers pop against a mix of purple and green faux eucalyptus sprays. You would never know the stems are just a few inches long hidden in this tall white vase.

A large arrangement of fake flowers and eucalyptus looks stunning next to a green velvet sofa and white walls.
A Large DIY Floral Arrangement

One large spray of fake wildflowers fits perfectly in a black-and-white striped vase without any adjustments. Garage and estate sales often have fake flowers for pennies if you find a variety you like.

Yellow flowers are in a black adn white striped vase on a piano in front of large window.
One Spray of Flowers fit Perfectly in a Striped Vase

A dozen long cherry blossom stems make a beautiful arrangement in a large chinoiserie vessel. Buying flowers on sale makes purchasing so many easy on the wallet.

Cherry blossom stems are in a large blue and white vase on a marble tulip table in front of french doors.
Clearance Cherry Blossoms at Christmas Time

For the most part, staying away from silk flowers and selecting ones that have an interesting texture like these soft fuzzy purple stems can look more natural. The delicate stems also make a lovely overall shape.

Blue furry flower stems in a blue and white vase with a black bamboo bird cage and books are in front of a woman's portrait on a dark green wall with teal floral velvet curtains.
Fuzzy Purple Flowers in a Chinoiserie Vase

Floral Arrangements Straight from the Garden

I love snipping real flowers from the garden when I can. As I mentioned above, spring bulbs look perfect as is when placed in a vase.

But don’t overlook woody perennials, flowering ground covers, or blooming tree branches in your yard for easy flower arrangements.

A few purple irises in early Spring make it indoors to be enjoyed while I work in my home office. Refilling the vase with fresh water every day helps the blooms last even longer.

Purple irises from my garden sit in a crystal vase on top of a garden stool in a green office with bird wallpaper and zebra rug.
Purple Irises Straight from the Garden

Little daisy-like flowers on leafy stems create a small but full flower arrangement perfect for the bedroom. Their natural shape doesn’t need to be tweaked at all. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Ground covering clippings from the garden look cute in a crystal vase on a white dresser with books and art.
Small Daisy Flower Groundcover from the Garden

Two or three woody sage stems make an extra large statement in a slender vase. Their light weight makes them easy to arrange and they have small fragrant white flowers that make the house smell wonderful.

A DIY Easter tree with sage woody stems in a black asian vase on a white table.
Tall Sage Brach Clippings in an Asian Vase

In conclusion, making floral arrangements is a wonderful way to add beauty and happiness to any room for everyday enjoyment or special occasions. With these easy tips and many options, anyone can create stunning displays with store flowers, fake blooms, or stems straight from the garden.

Whether you are an experienced decorator or just someone who enjoys creating DIY home decor, there is always something new to learn and explore in the world of floral design.

So go ahead and experiment with different colors, textures, and styles, you never know what kind of beautiful floral arrangement you might create!

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