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A Maximalist Holiday House Tour with Easy DIYs

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Welcome to our maximalist holiday house tour full of globally inspired DIYs, floral, fruit, and garland mixed with colorful room designs.

Greetings friend! I’m thrilled to be joining my talented friends in sharing our Christmas home tours with you all week. This festive seasonal blog hop is hosted by Marty from A Stroll through Life and whom I have the honor of following today.

If you are coming from a Stroll through Life, a special howdy! I’m Kathy, a Christmas baby (and identical twin), pianist, mother, veteran, Marine spouse, and have never met a stranger. 😉

We are a retired military family living in Fort Worth, Texas for the last three years. After so many years of renting and living overseas, I’ve discovered that I decorate with a more is more approach and can’t get enough of modern traditional style with lots of colors and patterns now that I can do anything in our home.

A Maximalist Holiday House Tour

Every year I kick off the holiday season with my friend Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living in a fun series where we create twelve days of globally inspired Christmas ideas. You’ll find lots of DIYs and references to those stories in this tour today.

A colorful floral Christmas tree in a front of a dark green wall with floral curtains and a grand piano.
Floral Christmas Tree

And make sure to pop into the rest of the tours all week. You’ll find the lineup at the bottom of this post.

Come on in!

Holiday Minimalist/Maximalist Foyer

We have a cute little foyer that I’ve styled with a DIY copper leaf sign and not much else. I kept this area a little simpler because there is so much going on in the rest of the open layout!

A gold bar cart in front of white walls in the foyer with a spider plant in a chinoiserie pot, basket on the shelf, and a copper leafed noel sign.
Foyer Vignette

The remaining area of the foyer wall showcases my new DIY pomegranate wreath and a collection of art from local artists with a signed playbill by Cole Porter. The beautiful walnut cabinet was my grandparents and you’ll probably hear me mention many of our items come from them or estate sales.

A DIY pomegranate wreath hangs on a white closet door in the foyer with a beautiful wood cabinet and gallery wall.
DIY Pomegranate Wreath

Holiday Maxamilist Piano-Front Living Room

The front of the house has a large picture window and where I teach and play the piano. Yes, that is Handels’ Messiah right now on my music rack! I’m singing in it next week. It is such fantastic musical work. Did you ever sing it in school or church?

A colorful holiday home with a grand piano on a blue rug with a gorgeous floral Christmas tree in the background.
Piano Studio

A sweet picture of my cousin, twin, and I wore dresses my grandmother sewed was taken by my photographer Uncle. You can see one of grandma’s trees in the background. 😉

A Christmas vignette on a grand piano featuring crystal, books, and a picture.
Christmas Cousins/Sisters

A few of my plants are getting extra sunlight and artificial light with Christmas lights in the window during the winter months.

House plants with Christmas lights in front of a large picture window with a bamboo music rack and glimpse of grand piano.
Bamboo Music Rack and Plants

Behind the piano is my romantic, natural, and maximalist tree. Isn’t that a mouthful? I’ve always wanted to do an all floral tree and I finally did! It was actually much easier than I thought. You can read all about how to decorate a tree with flowers in this story.

A floral Christmas tree with botanical wrapping paper behind a marble tulip
Floral Tree and Centerpiece

The tree is in front of my grandmother’s portrait and I think she would have fallen in love with it if she has seen it. Her trees were always show stoppers. I added DIY pomegranate potpourri ornaments and corresponding potpourri gift tags to go with the floral theme.

Maximalist and colorful Christmas decorating with a floral and fruit tree, dark green wall, teal and floral curtains, and a chinoiserie centerpiece.
Maximalist and Colorful Christmas Decor

Just to the left of the piano is my music cabinet which was my grandpa’s display cabinet. It was also one of the first pieces I made over when we moved in.

Above it is a display of my husband’s twenty-year Marine career, needlepoint by my grandmother, birdcage we bought when we were in Hong Kong’s-Kowloon bird market, Japanese caligraphy decoupaged ornaments, and a rooster from Portugal.

Oh and the cute elephant pillow we found in a night market in Thailand. The black wood farmhouse chair came from an interior store in Japan. American styled furniture was really expensive over there so that chair will have to be a family heirloom for our kids. lol

See? It’s hard to decorate minimally when you have so many great souvenirs, family heirlooms, and an estate sale addiction. Ha!

A display cabinet holding piano music looks perfectly situation in a corner against a green wall with teal and pink curtains.  Lots of global and eclectic decorating accessories complete the space.
Music Cabinet

Christmas Decorating in the Bird Office

I gave a peek into the office earlier through the French doors with garland. Our traditional ornaments are on a smaller tree in there and it is super cozy with the two armchairs that usually sit behind the piano.

My mom saved the pair of chairs for me from my grandparents’ house until we moved back stateside. They are the first and only pieces I’ve had professionally reupholstered. I feel like such a grownup. 😉

A very colorful and maximalist home office with green built in desk, bird wallpaper, and poinsettias on the desk.
Christmas Office Decor
A small decorated Christmas tree sits on a bamboo and glass table between two velvet chairs in a home office with bird wallpaper and green cabinets.
Memory Christmas Tree

Just to the right of the doors is a desk with a large oil painting of birds by a local artist. I love that thing. It’s almost neon!

Colorful and traditional Christmas decorating with bright white walls and mixed decorating styles featuring green pine garland around french doors and a bright yellow painting.
More is more, right?
A large green and blue bird painting above a desk.
Bird Painting by a Local Texas Artist

Maximalist Living and Dining Room Decorated for the Holidays

And that brings us to the actual living room and dining area. Our house is just under 1800 square feet and has 3 beds, 2 baths so it isn’t that big. But after coming from two duty stations in Japan, it’s plenty for the four of us. And I kind of feel like we are living more eco-friendly with small square footage.

At least that is what I tell myself when I trip over the dog or shove a chair out of the way just to get to the next room. 🙂

White and green living room with a green velvet couch, green chairs, white coffee table, cane cabinet, and garland around French doors.
White and Green Living Area

Greenery is really all this room needed for Christmas. I decided to completely clear off the coffee table this year for a DIY advent wreath centerpiece. I love how large it is and the wreath matches the greenery on the mantel.

German smear fireplace decorated for Christmas with lots of garland on the mantel and an oil landscape painting.  A gold peacock fireplace screen and large advent wreath on the coffee table completes the look.
Christmas Fireplace Mantel
Garland with black satin bows frame a French door on white walls with a gold display cabinet showing colorful pottery sits in the corner below a large oil painting and an advent wreath on the coffee table.
Garland Wrapped Doors

Step around the sofa with me and you’re in the dining room. The close quarters do make movie-dinner night easy peasy. I’m pretty sure it was meant to be the breakfast area with the dining room being where my piano studio is. We make it work!

A global blanket makes the perfect table cloth for a Christmas table setting with candlesticks and ornaments and bells hanging from the chandelier adorned with Christmas garland.  The living area is directly behind with a green velvet sofa divided the two spaces.  A german smear fireplace is in the background.
Dining Living Room Open Layout

If you love the more is more approach to decorating, I would love for you to read about my globally inspired holiday table and chandelier decor! I really had fun setting it and the family and I have used it every night. We even had a four-course meal one evening. So fun.

A colorful and eclectic small dining area decorated for Christmas with floral curtains, global textiles, a cane cabinet and garland and silver bells hanging from a gold chandelier.
Dining Room
A hand painted landscape mural in the small dining area.
DIY Wall Mural

You really can see the whole house standing almost anywhere. I’m not a huge fan of the open layout as I would love to have more walls to wallpaper, paint murals, and hang things on but this little house has grown on me. 🙂

Join me on Instagram for behind-the-scenes, DIYs, decorating tips, room tours, and home inspiration. I’ll see you over there!

A Christmas table setting in bright pinks and reds with global and floral textiles.
A Colorful Global Christmas Tablescape

I didn’t do much in the bedrooms this year but I love using garland and there’s a floral tinsel tree decorated to match our master bedroom decor.

A champagne color tinsel tree is decorated with blue and green floral stems and ornamental balls.   It sits on a tall dresser with a woman's bust and bird art on the wall.
Blue and Green Tinsel Christmas Tree

I hope you sign up for my free 5-day decorating course and newsletter if you love this type of home style. Thanks so much for coming by!

A small blue and green decorated gold tinsel tree in a brass pot.
Christmas Tree

And that’s the house all ready for Christmas! Please leave a comment if you have any questions on where things came from or DIYs. I’m happy to answer those for you!

Next on the tour is Our Southern Home who always has a beautiful home to share! I’m taking a break from blogging the rest of the week to enjoy home tours every day while I sip my coffee. You should join me!

2021 Christmas Button graphic.
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  1. What a gorgeous and inspiring tour! I adore your music room. We are also a retired military family living in the Fort Worth area. It’s a joy to be on Miss Marty’s tour with you. Have a wonderful concert!

  2. Seeing your beautiful cheerful home always makes me happy. It all looks so pretty and I love the view into your bird office. It’s my favorite. Merry Christmas

  3. Kathy,
    I absolutely love your home and style. It makes me want to go and add color and wallpaper to each and every room. A total feast for the eyes!

  4. I always love seeing your home, it is filled with so many intriguing vignettes and such fabulous color and pattern. I love hearing the history of so many wonderful pieces and family memories too. Such a great tour again this season, thanks for joining in.

  5. First time here…and I’ve loved every minute of it! Your home is a visual delight!! Thanks for the tour! 😉

  6. Kathy, you crack me up. I laughed at how you tell yourself you’re living eco-friendly in an 1800 sq. ft. house and that you feel like such a grown up having two chairs professionally reupholstered. If I had your talent for decorating and your eye for color at your young age, I’d feel like I should have my own magazine! Everything is beautiful. Love every detail. From the bells on the chandelier to the bird sitting perched on the tree. So adorable and elegant. Thanks for sharing and happy to hop with you this week.

  7. Kathy, I love your colorful style! I’ve never seen a Christmas tree decorated with flowers like that. Amazing! Happy to join the tour this year.

  8. Your title spoke to my Christmas loving heart. We are also reitred military and post retirement lived in East Asia for over 13 years and did lots of travel. Maximalist, I love it. Iwas just told our number of bins was a bit excessive. Ha! Having tthe resources and space and stablity in one spot is wonderful! I did decorate when we lived the nomad life, but in our home now…maximum is the word of the season!

  9. Love the term maximalist! lol! I love your music room and that sweet photo from your childhood. You definitely have a talent for decorating with color! Merry Christmas to your and your family!

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