How to Make Mini Easter Baskets with Dishes

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Transform your small dishes into mini Easter baskets with this simple DIY. Perfect for easy easter place settings with candy eggs and easter grass.

Do you have any unused collections of something you hold dear? My husband and I loved hunting for little sake cups in antique stores, pottery shops, and second-hand finds when we were living in Japan.

They were the perfect souvenir as we hopped from city to city with picturesque winding roads lined with stores and noodle shops. Not too much money and easy to pack!

How to Make Mini Easter Baskets

How to make mini Easter baskets
How to Make Mini Easter Baskets
Very Global Easter 2020
A Very Global Easter

As I was setting our Easter table this year I knew I wanted to get them off the shelf and turn them into a seasonal decoration filled with something other than sake.

You can do something with any smaller dishes you have in your cupboards and this simple DIY to make mini Easter baskets.

Welcome to our last day of A Very Global Easter. Casa Watkins Living and I enjoy sharing seven days of DIYs and decorating tips for Easter every year to spark your creative side and think outside the box with unique and globally inspired ideas. Today we are both sharing Easter basket DIYs.

DIY Mini Easter Baskets with Small Dishes

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Mini Easter Basket with Sake Cups
  • Start with a collection of teacups, small dipping bowls, or other pretty containers.
Mini Easter Baskets Edited
Supplies for Mini Easter Baskets
  • Cut a piece of florist or jewelry wire to create a handle for your container. Wire is really easy to shape and can be stuck right into Easter grass.
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Mini Easter Basket with Copper Wire Handle
  • Fill your dish with a little bit of Easter grass and candied eggs on top.
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Pastel Dishes as Mini Easter Baskets
  • Make sure to only pick them up by the bottom! Otherwise, you could secure your handle with a dot of glue.
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Easter Tablescape
Elegant Easter Tablescapes Edited 6
Eclectic Easter Table

Don’t you love it when you can use something you already have for seasonal decor? Seriously so easy.

Make sure to see Stephanie’s Easter basket idea.

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Casa Watkins Living’s DIY Easter Baskets

What little collection do you have that could be mini Easter baskets?

Check out the best decorating and decluttering ideas for Spring and find more inspiration. Happy Spring friend!


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