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Mini-Makeover Bedroom Reveal {part 2}

SONY DSCMini-Makeover Bedroom Reveal {part 2} whoopee!!

Hello friends!

So a couple of weeks ago, I showed you a few changes I had made to our master bedroom {stage one}.

before-and-stage-one-bedroomI painted the bedside tables blue, hung up watercolors my husband had recently brought back from deployment, and added a new duvet and pillow shams. You can read all about it here.  The funny thing is, my favorite part at this point was the little coffee filter roses (sitting on the bedside table) I had made waiting for my paint to dry.SONY DSCYou can read about them here.

After I lived with “stage one” for a while, I knew what other changes needed to be.  The blue bedside tables were clashing with our large dresser and bedding and the three different finishes on the picture frames were looking a little to “eclectic” for my taste. To fix those issues for part two, I decoupaged our larger dresser with a more neutral print (you can read about it here).

SONY DSCThe silver and black picture frames I spray painted off white to be consistent with the other frames.

SONY DSCThe blue “herringbone” pillows from my living room moved in to my bedroom and created a connection to the blue side tables.

SONY DSCSONY DSCAND, last weekend my husband and I found the perfect storage bench for the end of the bed (which is already full of winter sweaters).

SONY DSCMy favorite part about the bench are the shape of the feet and the wheels on the end. Aren’t they cute?

SONY DSCBy the way, the bench is from the Threshold line at Target. Love it!

So, here is the before



Part one

SONY DSCMuch more exciting…

Part two aka After =)

SONY DSCSo what do you think?  Does it seem more cohesive now? Or did you like it a bit more eclectic? I would love to hear your opinion!


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TDC Before and After


  1. I love it! Oh my goodness those flowers are coffee filters?! I love that too. It looks like it draws I more light with the lighter colors. I hope you guys have a great Friday!

  2. I absolutely love the way your dresser came out with the decoupage. I really would like to try this as I am redoing my daughter’s room and think it will work with one of her pieces of furniture. Can I ask you what type of glue do you use to mix with the water? I would appreciate if you can let me know as I am very interested in trying this. Your bedroom looks great. I just did a few things to our master bedroom to freshen it up and I am loving it. Curtains, which I never had, new comforter with a change of colors, new area rug, lamps, chair, paint and a new headboard. Just waiting in the mail for a wall quote to go over my new headboard, which I just picked up today from someone on Craigslist. I love my new room and I am still looking for more ideas and like yours too for the jewelry hanger on the wall. Thanks.

    1. Hi Patricia! I used Decoupage Glue but you can also use Mod Podge or you can make your own with 2 parts of elmers glue to one part water. (Put it in a jar with a lid and shake to mix). I love that you have redone your master bedroom (curtains alone can make a huge difference!). Good luck with your daughter’s room.

  3. I’ve been debating about this bench, then i saw your post. Love it! which color did you get the bench in from target? pewter or gray?

    1. Gosh, I didn’t realize their were different colors! lol I think it’s the pewter. The gray color looks darker than ours. It’s a great bench! We’ve had it close to 5 years now.

      1. haha! thanks so much. When i saw pewter and also gray as color options i was like…hmmmm….lol. I’m so glad to hear the quality is great. I just ordered mine and can’t wait to get it!

  4. Hey Kathy! Love your pewter bench so much! I’ve been torn about whether to get pewter or the dark gray. Unfortunately, the dark gray is not sold in stores so I can’t see it in person first! I have an ikea nordvalla gray sofa and am wondering if the pewter would clash with it. Ah, what to do. Anyway, it looks great in your bedroom – I love your style!!

    1. Thanks Bethany!! I wouldn’t worry about the pewter classing with your gray sofa. Different grays go beautifully together. It may bring out undertones but they since they are both neutral colors, I would totally go for it! But I don’t like things to exactly match… lol

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