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Mini Makeover Bedroom Reveal



Happy weekend! As promised, here is the reveal of my mini-makover for the bedroom.

Yep, you heard that right! Stage one.  I thought the room would be done after the few changes I had planned, but now, I want more!
“I wanna be where the people are, I wanna see, wanna see ’em dancin’, walkin’ around on those, Whaddya call ’em? Oh, feet ….” *giggle*  So, you can plan on seeing more changes in the near future.

Here is what I did for “stage one“.

The bedside tables were painted blue with silver hardware and styled.  (I am thinking about facing the drawers with a pretty print that I found for “stage two.”)


I adore the paper roses, didn’t even plan on making them, but I was looking for something to do in between four layers of paint drying for the bedside tables.


Water colors from hubbie’s deployment were installed on the wall.  When I had them framed, I chose store bought frames with custom matting to keeps costs down, but there were only a few choices for finishes.  I am planning on changing the two black frames to white and might change the silver to white as well.  I do LOVE using all white frames.

Lastly, I spruced up the bedding.  LOVE the purple and green.  I have no plans on changing it because each season I already change out the quilt on top and throw pillows. Seriously, it’s bad.  I have a linen closet FULL of bedding.

renter friendly bedroom makeover

There it is.  For now. =)  I already have a weekend project planned for the other wall in the room and then on to other changes.

It is already looking much better.  I love me a gallery wall!!
Have you don’t tweaks to any rooms lately?

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