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A Simple Formula for Mixing Metals in the Bathroom Beautifully

Rules are made to be broken! Get creative with decorating by following easy tips for mixing metals in the bathroom tastefully.

You may be wondering if you can mix metals in a bathroom. Around here, we love to break out of traditional design rules to input our personal style with our favorite decor and design materials. And the bathroom is no different!

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a facelift, why not go for this beautiful trend that’s been popular in interior design lately? Whether you’re partial to a sleek silver look or prefer something with a bit more glamour, combining different metal finishes can create a stunning aesthetic and introduce new textures into your space.

You may even find that is easier to select hardware and trim finishes when you give yourself permission to have more than one favorite and mix and match brands and styles. So if you’re ready to take your bathroom from basic to beautiful, read on to learn how to mix metals.

Mix metal finishes such as gold and black in this marble bathroom with blue and white wallpaper and black and white marble tile.
Mix Metal Finishes such as Gold and Black

Different Types of Metals to Mix

There can be many different metal items in your bathroom when you consider hardware like cabinet pulls (knobs), light fixtures, bathroom accessories like toilet paper holders, bath and hand towel bars, trashcans, light fixture plates, hooks, and of course, bathroom trim to include shower heads, faucets, handles, and drains.

And don’t forget window treatments, shower curtain rods, and curtain hooks/clips. You probably wouldn’t select metal or use all these items but just some food for thought when planning your bathroom makeover.

Here are the most common types of metal and finishes with their color family.

  • Warm tones: Brass, Gold, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Copper
  • Cool tones: Chrome, polished nickel, and brushed nickel
  • Neutral: Matte Black
Mixing metals in bathroom with chrome and brushed nickel together in a white bathroom with grey vanity, and green floral wallpaper.
Chrome and Brushed Nickel Together with Brass and Gold Accents

How to Mix different Metal Finishes in the Bathroom

First, decide how you want your bathroom to look. Use this style guide to help you select metals and finishes. This is just an essential guide to help you get started. Any metal can look great with any style when used thoughtfully.

  • Matte Black, Copper, Satin Brass, and Polished Brass go with Modern, Modern-Traditional, and Eclectic Styles
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Copper, and Satin Bronze look gorgeous with Mediterranean, Tuscan, and Rustic Styles
  • Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome almost any style

The formula: In general, stick to two different metals in a smaller bathroom and experiment with up to three different finishes in a larger bathroom.

  • Choose one dominant metal with 1-2 accent metals. Try not to mix finishes in the same category.
  • For instance, your dominant metal would be featured as the common bathroom trims (faucets, shower heads, etc…) and most likely from the same bathroom collection/brand. But if not, they should have the same metal and finish.
  • Consider a finish that doesn’t leave noticeable water spots for the trim metal.
  • The accent metals are perfect for the remaining bathroom accessories. It doesn’t really matter if they are all the same type of finish if they aren’t too close together.
Dark blue vanity with dark green wall in a small bathroom.
Gold Fixtures, Copper, and Black Mixed Metals are Blended in a Small Bathroom Makeover

Tips for Mixing Metal Finishes in the Bathroom

A combination of gold/brass and silver is classic and timeless.

Matte Black is on trend for farmhouse style and can also add drama in an eclectic bathroom when mixed with warm metals like gold or brass.

Black and chrome used in a white bathroom with bathtub, rug, and bench.
Cozy Contemporary Bathroom Makeover from Sustain my Craft Habit

Balance out warm and cool tones when combining different types of metals.

Patterned tile floor in a bathroom with dark vanity from dresser, and white subway tile wall.
A Modern Vintage Master Bathroom from Making Joy and Pretty Things

Try adding texture through finishes such as matte, polished, hammered, or brushed.

Metal mixes with gold and black in a bright bathroom with white walls, white counter, adn dark cabinets.
A Navy Neutral Bathroom Remodel from On Sutton Place
Mixing metals metals in bathroom with a dark painted dresser for vanity and white board and battan walls with mint wall paint.
A Quick and Easy Bathroom Makeover Mixing Chrome and Brass from Lovely Etc.

Use only polished metal with chrome for modern styles

Mixing chrome and brushed nickel finishes in bathroom with grey vanity, white tile, and green floral wallpaper.
Garden Bathroom Makeover from Up to Date Interiors

On a side note, you can create a sophisticated monochromatic look with all silver or gold accents throughout the bathroom.

Overall, mixing metals in the bathroom can be an effective way to create a modern and stylish look. With a few simple tips such as selecting 2-3 metals, sticking with the same or similar finish, and using them evenly throughout you can create a unique and sophisticated bathroom design for your family and guests to enjoy.

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