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10 Gorgeous Modern Outdoor Fire Pits You Need to See

Get ready for cooler temps and outside activities with these beautiful modern outdoor fire pits ideas for your outdoor space.

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I’m making sure we have multiple places to hang out as a family with all of the time we are spending at home. That goes for inside and outside! So I’m on the hunt for a modern outdoor fire pit that fits in with our design aesthetic.

Modern Outdoor Fire Pits

Modern Outdoor Fire Pits Pinterest
Modern Outdoor Fire Pits

We already have a beautiful garden with a rock path and benches and a covered patio with living and dining areas. But we don’t have the best set up for those cool nights we want to light a fire. Today I’m sharing my favorite modern outdoor fire pits that I found online from stores I frequently shop at.

Eclectic Home Summer Tour Patio 8
Backyard with Garden

The options are at multiple price points as low as under $100 and upwards to $500. I love the sleek modern look and would love to have one in our backyard. Click on any of the pictures below that strike your fancy or hover to see price.

Aren’t they nice? I’d love to pair it with some modern outdoor chairs like these.

How to use a fire pit bowl safely:

  1. Check local codes to make sure using a fire pit is allowed in your area. Contact a planning office to see if any restrictions apply.
  2. Place your fire pit in a safe place. A covered deck or porch may not be idle since floating embers can cause heat and ventilation issues. Stone, brick, and concrete are all good options as well as a flat surface. Make sure the fire pit is a safe distance from the house, overhanging trees, heat-sensitive plants, dry brush, open firewood, and other flammable substances.
  3. Keep a bucket of water nearby.
  4. Gather materials needed for the fire pit by sorting wood, kindling, and tinder. The wood should be dry and tinder can be dry leaves, twigs, or newspapers.
  5. Don’t use starter logs, gels, or other fire starters that contain chemicals if you plan on cooking food over the open flame.
  6. Build your fire by placing tinders at the bottom of the fire pit. Stack larger sticks to build a teepee, and the larger logs around the kindling.
  7. Light the tinder in a few places. Once the fire is going you can add larger logs to keep it burning. Place a grate over the fire or fire bowl cover to keep it contained.
  8. Use a poker to move coals and embers together. Blow a little to reignite a small fire.
  9. Let the fire burn completely to ask and pour water over the embers until it stops hissing to properly put out the fire. Once cool, shovel out the materials out and dispose of it.

Once we have a nice fire pit area set up I’m hoping to add a chimnea to our outdoor living area!

Bright Colorful Patio Table Setting 21
Outdoor Living Area
Covered Outdoor Living Spaces 7
Outdoor Dining Area

And then we will be all set for the season. Find 50+ ideas for Fall decor and seasonal DIYs including Halloween and thanksgiving on this page! Print out a Fall bucket list and enjoy a night around the fire pit.

What’s your favorite Fall time activity?


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