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5 Easy St Patty’s Decor Ideas that Will Make You Smile

Use dollar store supplies and house items to create Modern and pretty St Patty’s decor in minutes with these simple DIYs.

As with most holidays, seasonal decor can be expensive, time-consuming, and accumulate into clutter. Make the most of what you have and shop the dollar store or raid your crafting stash and home decor to make fun and unique St Patty’s decor this year.

Modern St Patty’s Decor and DIYs

St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner (and hopefully warmer Spring weather)!   Just like most holidays, my philosophy for decor is less is more. Well-thought-out and placed holiday DIYs and appropriate colors and textures can put a festive touch in your home without going overboard.  I put together a list of my favorite modern St Patrick’s’ day decor and DIYs that I’ve done in the past.

modern st patty's decor and DIYS
Modern St Patty’s Decor and DIYs
st patricks day succulent wall hanging
DIY Shamrock and Succulent Hanging
  • Create seasonal vignettes with items already in your house. Grouping together green plants with black and white touches is a fun way to incorporate St Patrick’s holiday without taking it literally or too seriously.  What a glorious color combo!  This vignette was part of the 2016 St Patrick’s Day home tour.
modern st patricks day decor and diys
St Patty’s Decor Living Room

The color combo is carried throughout the living space with floral accents to make transitioning into Spring decor easy.

st patricks day decor
Spring Worthy Decor
  • This cute little gold shamrock was a quick cut out from metallic tape and put on a succulent pot.  Charming! Try this with green painter’s tape for DIY shamrock sticker.
Mini Shamrock Planter with Succulent
  • Create a DIY gold leaf shamrock art piece to put in an existing picture frame. Layer with green and other Spring colors for a seasonal vignette. A stack of green books, sea glass, gold frame, and shamrock art create this light and pretty setting.
St Patty’s Vignette
  • Try this easy black and gold art DIY. Use metallic tape to create a couple of strips on a piece of black construction paper. Place in a gold frame and you have modern art that looks more much more expensive then the pennies it cost to make. Don’t you love a simple DIY that creates a large impact?
DIY gold leaf shamrock
DIY Black and Gold Art and DIY Shamrock Art
diy gold horseshoe
DIY Horseshoe Clay Decor

Find more modern St Patty’s DIYs in this fun round-up post.

st patricks' day decor ideas
Modern St Patrick’s Day Decor Ideas

You can find all the best decorating ideas and DIYs for Spring and Easter on this page! It also includes seasonal printables, checklists, and worksheets for Spring decluttering and organizing.


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