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Make Modern Valentine’s Decor With DIY Clay Hearts


Create charming clay heart ornaments with this easy DIY guide. Perfect for Valentine’s decor, gifts, and more. Step-by-step instructions are included!

Greetings friends! I have a little Modern Valentine’s project for you today. Try making your own Clay Hearts! You don’t need to have any experience with clay at all. This is a fun, easy craft that anyone can do.

Clay heart wrapped with copper wire on a tree stump table with a heart cookie cutter.
Polymer Clay Modern Valentine Craft

All you need are a few basic things to get started, and before you know it, you’ll be making these cute little heart decorations. They’re perfect for adding a bit of homemade charm around your house.

Plus, they make lovely, thoughtful presents for all sorts of special days—like Valentine’s, weddings, Mother’s Day, or birthdays.

Why choose a clay heart for decorating your home for Valentine’s Day?

Opting for a clay heart as Valentine’s Day decor symbolizes the malleable and evolving nature of love. Like clay in a potter’s hands, it represents a relationship that is flexible and responsive, shaped by mutual experiences and emotions.

This choice reflects a desire for a love that is grounded, transformative, and continuously crafted by the care and affection we share. It’s a poetic reminder that love, like clay, is shaped by life’s touch.

Making these hearts is a breeze and a great way to spend some time. So, let’s get our hands a little dirty and have some fun crafting!

Clay heart wrapped in coppery wire hanging on a cabinet knob.

List Of Supplies For The Modern Valentine’s Day Decor:

I used polymer clay for this holiday project as it offers a vast range of colors/effects. It is composed of PVC and plasticizers, giving it flexibility and durability once baked. 

Since I’m in Japan, I shop at the 100 yen stores for craft supplies.  The stores are like Dollar Tree, but some of them are much bigger and have a wide assortment of items. It’s the bomb!

Other Materials You’ll Need Are:

  • Clear Craft Sealant or PVA Glue (for glass or smooth surfaces)
  • Rolling pen
  • Heart shape cookie cutters
  • Non-stick surface (like a silicone baking mat or parchment paper)
  • Copper wire
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Sand for Smoothness (Optional)
Steps for Clay Heart Decor

Instructions – How to Make Valentine DIY Decor Clay Hearts

Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace:

Lay out your non-stick surface on a flat table or countertop to provide a clean workspace for rolling out your clay.

Step 2: Condition and Roll Out the Clay: 

Now, Knead your clay until it’s soft and pliable, getting rid of any air bubbles.

Use a rolling pin to roll the clay out to an even thickness. I used an unsharpened pencil to create mine. Around  1/8-1/4 inch is a good standard thickness to ensure that your hearts are sturdy but not too bulky.

Pro Tip: For adding a design texture, press lace or your chosen textured fabric into the surface of the rolled-out clay. Apply even pressure to ensure the pattern is imprinted. Carefully peel off the fabric to reveal the design.

Step 3: It’s Time To Cut Out The Hearts:

Press your heart-shaped cookie cutter into the clay to cut out heart shapes. Wiggle the cutter slightly to separate the shape from the surrounding clay cleanly.

Now, use your fingers to gently smooth the edges of the hearts, giving them a more finished appearance.

Step 4: Add Holes for Hanging :

If you plan to hang your hearts, use a rolling pin, straw, or toothpick to make a hole near the top of each heart shape. Make sure the hole is large enough for your string or ribbon.

Step 5: Dry the Hearts:

Bake heart shapes as directed. Let them cool for a few minutes, or leave the hearts to dry on a flat surface according to the clay manufacturer’s instructions. This may take up to 24-48 hours, and you may need to flip them over halfway through to ensure even drying.

Here are a few additional steps that you might like for DIY Valentine’s decor: 

  • Once completely dry, you can use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth any rough edges or surfaces for a more refined look.
  • Get creative with heart decorating ideas: Use acrylic paint markers, or you can add some sparkle with glitter and allow it to dry thoroughly.
  • If you plan to use your hearts where they might get handled frequently or be exposed to moisture, apply a clear sealant to protect your finished work.

How to for Copper Wrapped Heart Ornament: 

Step 1: Attach and Wrap the Copper Wire:

Begin by selecting one end of your copper wire.

Place this end against the back side of the clay heart, preferably at the central point for balanced wrapping.

Clay Heart Wrapped in Copper Wire

Hold the end with your thumb to keep it in place, and start wrapping the wire tightly around the heart. As you wrap, pull the wire firmly to ensure it conforms closely to the shape of the heart and doesn’t become loose.

Continue to wrap, maintaining even spacing between each coil of wire to achieve a neat, aesthetic look.

Once you have wrapped the heart to your satisfaction, use a pair of wire cutters to trim the wire, leaving enough length to make a small final loop against the back of the heart.

With the end that’s sticking out, make a small bend or loop to secure it and press it flat against the back of the heart to conceal it and avoid any sharp points that may catch or scratch.

Step 2: Prepare the Heart for Hanging :

Select a piece of wire or a ribbon that complements the color and style of your clay heart. The length should be enough to create a loop for hanging and to tie a secure knot.

Thread the ribbon or wire through the hole at the top of the heart. The hole should be smooth and large enough to accommodate your material without causing friction or damage.

Pull both ends of the ribbon or wire upwards, aligning them evenly, and then tie them together at your chosen length. If using ribbon, a simple knot may suffice, or you might choose a bow for a more decorative effect. For wire, twist the ends together securely and form a loop.

Adjust the length of the loop based on where and how you wish to hang the heart. Ensure the knot or twisted wire is tight and secure so that the heart hangs safely and does not fall.

The final step is to hang the heart on a nail, hook, or any other appropriate hanging point. Adjust the heart so that it sits straight and is clearly visible from different angles.

How to for Clay Heart Wreath: 

Alright, get ready for some more Valentine’s Day wall decor ideas by making a clay heart wreath.

First things first: You’ve got the steps above, right? Great! We need a total of 18 hearts – think 6 big guys (and punch a neat little hole in one of these, trust me, it’s for later), 6 of medium stature, and 6 cute little ones or whatever your “heart” desires.

A polymer hearts layered in a wreath with red ribbon.
DIY Polymer Clay Heart Wreath

Next up, it’s time to play puzzle master. Get those hearts of yours and start laying them out on a flat surface. Think of it like a tiered cake – the big hearts are your base, then layer on the medium ones, and top it off with the small ones. It’s all about creating that sweet depth and dimension. Got them all cozy and snug? Great, let’s stick ’em together with some good glue.

Last step (we’re almost there!): Grab a pretty ribbon – think of the color that makes you smile – and thread it through that lone hole in the big heart. This is what’s gonna let your masterpiece take the stage on your wall or door.

And voilà! You’ve got yourself some simple clay into cute hearts and even a pretty wreath just in time for Valentine’s Home decoration ideas—or any day, really.. Hang it up, step back, and let’s admire our handiwork.

A clay heart wreath with red ribbon.
A clay heart wreath with red ribbon.

Modern Valentine’s Day Heart Decor Ideas – FAQs

How breakable is this heart decoration clay?

Polymer clay is quite durable, provided it is not too thin. Thinner, delicate parts may be fragile, but generally, polymer clay is robust for most projects. It can be sanded, drilled, carved, and painted post-baking without needing a sealant.

Can I glaze my homemade Valentine’s decor clay?

Yes, you can glaze your decor clay. Mix a bottle of bottle of transparent nail polish with two tablespoons of clear adhesive and three tablespoons of water. Brush this mixture over your clay piece. 

Can I add some glitter to my Clay Hearts?

Absolutely! Add glitter directly to your clay before shaping, or sprinkle it on top for decoration. It’s a versatile material that pairs well with various embellishments.

Can I drill a hole in the clay hearts after they are dried up? 

Yes, you can. However, it’s easier to make holes before the clay dries. Drilling post-drying is possible but can be more challenging.

What is the main difference between air-dry clay and polymer clay?

Air-dry clay dries naturally over time, whereas polymer clay requires baking to harden. Polymer clay is more durable and water-resistant after baking, unlike air-dry clay, which remains more fragile.

How do you cure polymer clay?

It requires baking in an oven at 275°F, typically for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch thickness, to become hard.

That’s it! Head over to the winter holidays, DIYs, and decor page for more articles and resources!

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