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Modern Valentine’s Decor


Greetings friends! I meant to get this post to you yesterday but our first shipment of our belongings came so we spent all day unpacking and setting up house. We still have one more huge shipment (including my piano) expected before the end of this month.  Then the real fun begins!

I have two little Modern Valentine’s projects for you today with an awesome giveaway from Scribbleprints by Gale.   The giveaway is also used but to bring awareness to a special event going on right now hosted by Srcibbleprints by Gale called Hearts Should Be Free.  This is a special cause to bring  awareness to modern slavery.


I used polymer clay for both of these projects.  Since now I’m in Japan, I shop at the 100 yen stores for craft supplies.  The stores are like the Dollar Tree but some of them are much bigger and have a wide assortment of items. It’s the bomb!

Other supplies you need for these projects:

rolling pen

heart shape cookie cutters

baking sheet

copper wire



glue (for glass or smooth surfaces)


How to for Copper Wrapped Heart Ornament:

Step one: Roll out the clay to 1/8-1/4″ thickness and press the cookie cutter into it.  For both projects, you will need one heart with a hole at the top.  I used an unsharpened pencil to create mine. Bake heart shapes as directed. Let them cool for a few minutes. clayhearts-copper-wire

Step 2: Hold an end of the of the copper wire on the back of the clay heart and wrap around.  Make sure you keep the wire taught against the clay heart to stay in place. Cut the wire at the desired amount and tuck the loose end at the back.

Step 3:  Thread more wire or ribbon through top hole to hang.


How to for Clay Heart Wreath: SONY DSC

Step one:  Follow step one instructions above.  This time create 6 large (one with hole at top), 6 medium, and 6 small heart shapes or whatever your “heart” desires.

Step two:  Lay out hearts in a pattern, layering large to small.  Make sure to use the large heart with a hole at top center.  Glue into place.

Step three:  Thread ribbon through top hole to hang.  SONY DSCSONY DSCIsn’t the ribbon gorgeous?  Her products are great for modern crafts and gift ideas. The satin ribbon is has stunning in person as it is in the picture!

Here is a chance for you to win Scribbleprints Red Satin Ribbon for your next project (great for Valentine’s Day or Forth of July!).red-satin-ribbon

Giveaway closed!

Disclaimer: Scribbleprints provided me with their product for this review.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  I only share what items that I think my readers would enjoy using.

Head over to the winter holidays, DIYs, and decor page for more articles and resources!



    1. Thanks sweetie! I miss you guys too. One day we’ll live closer together. Everything is going well here. We are living out in town by the ocean. 😉

  1. We lived in Japan…..I envy you, can’t even begin to say how much I enjoyed and now miss those 100 yen stores! There is so much stuff I’d love to be able to buy from them again! Thanks for the chance to win….

    1. We sure are excited to be here! It can still be a little overwhelming at times but every day is an adventure (bc I get out in my car everyday!) lol

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