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Moody and Trendy Boy’s Room Inspiration

Hello!  I’m so proud of myself.  We’ve been in our home for a little over a month and I have a design plan for our son’s room.  This has to be some sort of record. Ha.

I promised our 3rd grader that he could pick out a bed once we arrive in Japan since all of our bedroom furniture went into long term storage.   There are very few choices out here so when we saw a modern loft bed for sale on bookoo, we grabbed it.  His room is very small and having a long desk under his bed definitely saves room.  However, the bed overtakes the space.  It’s been driving me crazy.

Here’s how I plan on helping his room look cozy, cool, and eclectic and not a huge eye sore.


boys room


Navy blue rug
¥100,620 – onekingslane.com

White curtain
¥22,545 – anthropologie.com

Astek removable wallpaper
¥16,370 – purehome.com

Abstract wall art
¥11,865 – lampsplus.com

T-Rex Bones Wall Decal
¥1,200 – target.com

2 drawer nightstand
¥37,125 – mattblatt.com.au

Here’s a pic of part of the room empty. house6
Since we can’t paint the walls, I had to come up with a solution for behind the bed to help ground it.
I did come up with a plan so the that wall will be in a deep teal. 😉
The left and front wall will have a black stripe which you will be able to see from the hallway.  (I think it will look cool!)house14
White curtains will keep the rest of the space open.
The two drawer bedside table (loaner furntiure) will go under the desk for more storage.  As well as the dinosaur decal that made it from NC.  😉 boys-room5
Black and white bedding and DIY art work inspired by Japanese brush stroke art (how appropriate, lol) will finish the space.
 I’m really excited to get started on this space and my son loves it.
Just curious, do you have a hard time with boy spaces? Is it just me? signature-clear
Congratulations to Tammy!  She won the Lush Decor $200 Gift Card!!

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