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Easy Matching Mother Daughter Halloween Costume Ideas with Clothes You Already Have


Use clothes in your closet to create easy and creative costume ideas for mother and daughter halloween or costume party outfits.

Howdy, friend. The joy of dressing up and letting your imagination run wild knows no limit and that’s why I’m here today. My daughter and I are excited to share our fun journey into the world of DIY costumes with you.

We loved getting creative with clothes from our own closets and accessories around the house to create these darling mother daughter costume ideas.

When I was young, my twin sister and I used to do the same thing, raiding all of the closets in our house (and grandparent’s house) to concoct the most fabulous homemade costumes. These memories are etched in my heart and I’m happy to continue the tradition with my own children.

So, I invite you to join this fun and spooky season and find a great costume for you and you daughter using items you already have hanging to unleash your creativity and imaginative play.

5 Mother Daughter Costume Ideas with Clothes You Already Have

Creative mother daughter halloween costume ideas pinterest collage using clothes we already had.
Mother Daughter Halloween Costumes

Elegance Embodied: Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Costume Ideas

Audrey Hepburn, a timeless icon for grace and fashion is our first costume inspiration. Both my daughter and I love watching old movies and taking note of Audrey’s fashion choices. Her impeccable taste and effortless charm continue to inspire generations.

Let’s chat about how easy it is to channel Audrey’s legendary style using items right from your own closet.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Style

There’s perhaps no Audrey Hepburn look more iconic than her portrayal of Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” To recreate this classic glamour, all you need is a Little Black Dress (LBD) paired with pearls, sunglasses, and a touch of red lipstick.

A young girl is dressed as Breakfast at Tiffanys and standing in front of a white wall.
Young Breakfast at Tiffany’s Costume

The LBD, often hailed as a fashion staple, will not only make you feel like a classic Hollywood star but also highlight your inner sophistication. Accessorize with a string of pearls, preferably a pearl necklace, and don’t forget those oversized sunglasses.

Finish the look with a bold swipe of red lipstick, and voilà! You’ll embody the timeless elegance of Audrey in an instant.

Casual Audrey Chic

For a more relaxed take on Audrey Hepburn’s style, opt for a black and white or all-black ensemble. A white button-up shirt paired with black slacks or a black skirt is a simple yet refined choice.

Complete the look with black flats for comfort and an unmistakable Audrey vibe. Tie your hair into a neat ponytail, and you’ve effortlessly channeled the everyday Audrey Hepburn, exuding an aura of effortless chic wherever you go.

Casual Audrey Hepburn inspired woman's costume with black skinny slacks, white blouse, pearls, and red lipstick. Using clothes from my closet.
Causal Audrey Hepburn Style Costume

Audrey Hepburn’s style is not just about clothing; it’s about an attitude, an air of confidence, and a touch of vulnerability that made her endearing. By recreating her looks from your own closet, you not only pay homage to a legendary actress and fashion icon but also embrace the essence of timeless elegance that she so beautifully embodied.

So, whether you’re attending a costume party or simply wanting to infuse some Audrey-inspired magic into your everyday life, these costume ideas are sure to help you capture the essence of this beloved star. Audrey’s charm never goes out of style, and neither will you when you step out in these classic looks.

Mother-daughter Audrey Hepburn costume ideas in black and white, pearls, and red lipstick.
Mother Daughter Audrey Hepburn Costume Ideas

Jet Set Wanderlust: The Young Traveler and Stewardess

As a daughter of a retired American Airlines flight attendant, I couldn’t resit adding a traveling duo to our mother daughter costume ideas. How fun for a child to embrace the enchanting world of travel, imaginative or not.

The Young Traveler

Let your child’s sense of wonder and exploration be celebrated with a traveling outfit. To create this look, you’ll need just a few simple items.

Start with a cute little dress or other outfit your child is comfortable in and loves. Add a favorite toy that they would never leave behind on a grand adventure.

Top off the young excursionist look with a hat and small suitcase or bag.

With my daughter’s short bob, we couldn’t resist stripes and a “Madeline” hat to add a vintage flare.  

A young girl in a red and white dress, Madeline hat, short blond hair, stuffed animal, and a small vintage suitcase dressed as a young traveler for a mother daughter costume idea.
The Young Traveler Costume

The Stewardess

Any professional suit or dark dress with blouse and a scarf around the neck works for a grown up counterpart to your young traveler.  You’d be amazed at how simple and convincing this flight attendant ensemble can be.

Keep the suit neutral or a solid color to resemble international flight attendants or stewardess of yesteryears. Either a vest or jacket works well with a matching skirt or pants but also a white blouse with professional bottoms will work in a pinch.

An easy flight attendant costume with a woman wearing a sleeveless wrap dress in black with a white blouse and scarf around the neck.  She is holding a tray with glasses of water.
The Flight Attendant Costume with Convincing Props

Add a tray with plastic cups, ready to serve refreshments and hospitality on an imaginary flight to make it really fun and convincing!

A mother and daughter are dressed as a light attendant and young traveler with a suitcase for a halloween costume idea.
A Flight Attendant and Young Passenger Costume Idea

Not only is this duo fun for halloween or other costume occasions, it is perfect for a day of play.

Step Back in Time: A Pair of 50’s Housewives

There’s a certain charm and nostalgia associated with the 1950s, especially when it comes to the iconic image of the quintessential housewife. The era was defined by a unique blend of domesticity and style.

Even though quite a few of the era’s characteristics are better left in the past, it sure is fun to recreate that classic 50s housewife look. With a few key elements, you and your daughter can transport yourselves back to a time when aprons and rolling pins were the tools of the trade.

Easy 50's housewife costume showing a young girl in a dress and floral apron with curlers in hair and a rolling pen in her hand.
Young 50’s Housewife Costume

The 50’s Housewife Essentials

Start by digging into your wardrobe for some key pieces. Look for a dress with a fuller skirt or a full skirt paired with a blouse. Polka dots, gingham, florals, and solid pastels are perfect for the era.

Now, let’s talk accessories. The 50s housewife look isn’t complete without the classic curlers in the hair. Create pin curls or use modern-day foam rollers to achieve those perfect, bouncy curls or at least in the process of curling.

A mother and daughter pose as 50's housewives in dresses and matching aprons, curlers in their hair, and rolling pens.
Mother and Daughter 50’s Housewife Costumes with Matching Aprons

Add a headband to curled hair or a scarf around the rollers for a touch of flair. Don’t forget to apply wing-tipped eyeliner to achieve that vintage, cat-eye look and red lipstick for glamour.

A woman in a vintage plaid dress, floral half apron, curlers, heels, and rollers pose as 50's housewife for halloween.
Adult 50’s Housewife Costume Idea

If you haven’t noticed yet, props play a major role in convincing costumes especially when they aren’t store bought. Add an apron and carry a rolling pin to polish off the era of timeless glamour and domestic bliss.

Elegance and Intrigue: Masquerade Ball Attendees

Step into a world of mystery and opulence with surprisingly only a few simple items to showcase the allure of a masquerade ball.

Enchanting Masquerade Guests Ensemble

A formal gown and mask are really all you need. And because of the mask, costume makeup can be as simple as lipstick. Hair down and curled keeps this halloween outfit idea easy to throw together.

An easy masquerade ball attendee costume idea for a young girl with a short fancy blue dress and blue and gold mask.
Young Masquerade Ball Guest Costume Idea

Head to your nearest dollar store or craft shop to find masquerade masks that capture your style if you don’t already have these in your dress up arsenal. They come in an array of styles, from simple and elegant to elaborate and ornate. Selecting one to match your gown should be easy.

A mother and daughter pose in formal dressers with masks for an easy halloween Masquerade Ball guests costume idea.
Mother Daughter Masquerade Ball Guests Costumes

With this easy mother daughter costume, you’ll surely have a ball!

A woman with a black formal gown and gold mask poses as a masquerade ball guest for halloween costume.
Easy Masquerade Ball Guest Costume Idea

Whimsical Scarecrows: A Charming Fall Costume

Autumn and halloween are the perfect time to embrace the harvest spirit, and what better way to do that than by dressing up as adorable scarecrows? This charming costume is not only fun to put together but also a cinch with fall clothes from your wardrobe.

Cute Scarecrows: Neccessaties and Extras

The foundation of your cute scarecrow costume begins with Fall clothes. Raid your closet for warm and cozy attire. Start with a pair of old jeans or overalls paired with a plaid flannel shirt.

Warm, earthy tones like orange, red, or brown look great but any plaid or check will work.

A young girl in jean, pink plaid shirt, garden gloves, and straw hat poses as a scarecrow. Perfect for a halloween costume with clothes you already have.
Cute Scarecrow with Fall Clothes Costume

Add some character to your scarecrow ensemble a straw hat, the ideal scarecrow headgear. This could be a regular beach hat or repurposed thrifted hat.

Garden gloves are optional but give your scarecrow hands the traditional appearance of having been hard at work in the fields. Fill the gloves with a bit of loose straw to complete the look if you have some.

For your eyes, consider using brown or black eyeliner to create stitches around the eye area, mimicking the patched-up look of a scarecrow. You can also use eyeliner to draw a stitched-on mouth for an extra cute touch.

A little triangle on the nose and rosy cheeks works great for a charming scarecrow face.

Tie a colorful bandana around your neck or use it as a belt for an added flourish.

Mother daughter scarecrows using clothes they already had wearing jeans, plaid shirts, and straw hats.
A Pair of Scarecrows
An easy scarecrow costume using what you already have showing a woman in jeans, plaid shirt, garden gloves, straw hat, and scarecrow makeup.
Scarecrow Costume with What You Already Have

Do you have any fun costume ideas with clothes already in your closet?

Creative mother daughter halloween costume ideas pinterest collage using clothes we already had showing the young girl's costumes.
Creative adult female halloween costume ideas pinterest collage using clothes I already had.

These mother daughter costume ideas provide a fantastic way to bond and be creative, making memories that will last forever. Whether it’s for Halloween, a special costume even, or just make believe playtime, they bring and fun and imaginative activity with things you already have.

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