My Home Style Blog Hop: Christmas Tree Edition 2015


The lovely Steph from Casa Watkins has put together another My Home Style Blog Hop featuring 25 bloggers.  This time we are sharing our Christmas trees!  If you are coming from Casa Watkins’ My Home Style, welcome!!  (P.S. Isn’t her style simply amazing?  What that lady can do with color!)   my-home-style-collageI actually started with a design board for our Christmas decor this year.  I put a lot of thought what colors and materials I want to use each year so it made sense to have a visual.  The main features of my design board are copper, pops of black and white, and blush pink. christmas-inspirationWe have most of our belongings in storage so I got creative with the ornaments I brought with us.   The first set of ornaments to be repurposed where some white and brown that still looked great, they just didn’t have any pizazz.  I found some ribbon tape from our dollar store and added a sparkly blush pink.  You can read the full tutorial HERE.  They definitely add some glam to our tree! SONY DSCI’ve used gold and silver ornaments before so this year I wanted to try copper for a contemporary-classic.  I grabbed a bin full of plastic, cheap-o ornaments and spray painted them. ornaments-steps-copper

Quick and Easy DIY Spray Painted Ornaments:

Use the flat end of a pencil to poke holes into styrofoam.  Place ornaments into the holes and spray paint 2-3 light coats.  Let dry.  Turn ornaments over and spray paint 2-3 more light coats.  Finish with a coat of polyurethane on all sides. SONY DSC

The last set of ornaments to receive a makeover were some white glass ornaments that had started turning yellow.  I simply used left over chalk paint and free handed brush strokes on them inspired by Japanese paint brush.  Easy peasy.  I think my favorite part about these ornaments is that you could have your kids paint them and they look so cool! ornaments-paint-brush

For the first time ever, I purchased vintage looking tinsel garland to add sparkle and glam to our tree.   We also splurged a little on wine-toned ornaments and some fur ones my husband picked.  SONY DSC

contemporary-classic IKEA black and white striped throw for our tree skirt ties in the black and white ornaments and other accesories throughout the space SONY DSC


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  1. I’m participating in the tour tomorrow and just started making the rounds to see everyone’s trees. Yours looks great! Love the choices of colors. You’ve inspired me to organize my Christmas decor a little better next year too.

  2. Love the metallics paired with black and white, Kathy! And once again, good on your husband for getting the fur ornaments. The tree is gorgeous!

  3. I love your tree and color scheme. I know it could have been easy for you to do a straight up black and white, but you worked in copper and brown and I love it! Also, I love your tree skirt…I used scrap fabric for mine. Love it!

  4. I just read this post and noticed you spray painted your ornaments copper! I remember commenting about your holiday home tour, how we both used copper elements in our tree, and who knew we both used spray paint to achieve that look! Great minds 🙂

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