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How to Make a Pom Pom Garland in 3 Easy Steps

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Learn how to make an adorable DIY pom pom garland in three simple steps, and decorate your home with this playful accessory.

I enjoy decorating with neutrals during the holidays and trying to repurpose or DIY most of my decor. Since we have 70% of our belongings in long term storage, including our Halloween decor,  I did my best to shop the house and “dollar tree” for fun Fall/ Halloween decor that matched our decorating style.

A collage of DIY pom pom garland and other ideas for neutral halloween decor.
Neutral Halloween DIYs

 DIY Pom Pom Garland

I bought some pom pom makers a while back and was excited to use them for Halloween garland.  They were super easy but cardboard works just as well! I tried multiple sizes and loved how they all turned out.

A collage showing steps for making pom pom garland with black yarn for neutral halloween decor.
DIY Black Pom Pom Garland for Halloween
Black pom pom flowers with white flowers in a white vase.
Pom Poms in Floral Arrangement
TV walnut modern stand with candles, plant, books, and dog.
Our Pup

What you need for DIY Pom Pom Garland

  • Yarn in various or seasonal colors
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard or pom pom maker
  • Twine or string
  • A yarn needle

How to make pom pom garland with cardboard

  1. Cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangular shape, approximately 4 inches wide and 6 inches long for extra large pom poms, or adjust for smaller sizes.
  2. Cut a piece of yarn, approximately 12 inches long, and place it in the center of the cardboard long ways or in the center of the pom pom maker.
  3. Begin wrapping the yarn around the short side of the cardboard or pom pom maker until it is completely covered and the pom pom is fluffy and full.
  4. Carefully slide the wrapped yarn off the cardboard or pom pom maker and tie the piece of yarn tightly around the center of the bundle, making sure to tie it several times to secure it.
  5. Cut the loops on each end of the bundle, creating a pom pom.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 to make additional pom poms in various colors and preferred sizes.
  7. Once you have made several pom poms, cut a length of twine or string to your desired garland length.
  8. Tie each pom pom onto the twine or string or thread through the middle of each pom pom with a large needle, spacing them out evenly and leaving enough twine or string on each end to hang the garland.
Black pom pom garland looks cute above a baby grand piano.

DIY Pom Pom Garland

Make cute and fluffy pom pom garland in three easy steps with this inexpensive DIY. Just wrap, tie, and cut!


  • Yarn in desired colors


  • Cardboard or pom pom maker
  • Scissors


  1. Start with a 4 by 6-inch piece of cardboard for a larger pom pom. Adjust the cardboard for other sizes.
  2. Cut a 12-inch piece of yarn and lay it across the cardboard long ways.
  3. Start wrapping the yarn from the yarn ball around the middle of the cardboard and string until you have covered the cardboard center and created a round and puffy shape.
  4. Cut the yarn and carefully slide off the ball of wrapped yarn from the cardboard.
  5. Tie the first piece of yarn in a double knot and cut the loops to shape the pom pom. Trim as necessary.


Use a pom pom maker to speed up the process.

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How to use a pom pom maker

Using a pom pom maker is a fun and easy way to create pom poms in different sizes and styles. Here are some general steps on how to use a pom pom maker.

  1. Open the pom pom maker. Most pom pom makers have two semicircular arms that can be opened like a clamshell. Open the arms and separate them from each other.
  2. Wrap the yarn. Start wrapping your yarn around one of the arms of the pom pom maker. You can wrap the yarn around the arm as many times as you want, depending on how full you want your pom pom to be. Repeat the process with the other arm.
  3. Close the pom pom maker. Once you have wrapped enough yarn, close the two arms of the pom pom maker together. Make sure they snap together tightly to hold the yarn in place.
  4. Cut the yarn. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the yarn along the edge of the pom pom maker. Make sure to cut through all the layers of yarn.
  5. Tie the pom pom. Take a length of yarn and wrap it tightly around the center of the pom pom maker, between the two arms. Tie it in a knot as tightly as possible to secure the pom pom.
  6. Release the pom pom. Once the pom pom is tied securely, open the arms of the pom pom maker and gently pull it apart. You should have a fluffy pom pom that you can trim and shape to your desired size and style.
  7. Trim the pom pom. Use scissors to trim any uneven edges or strands that are longer than the others.

Repeat these steps to create as many pom poms as you want, experimenting with different yarn colors and textures to create unique pom poms for various projects.

Mine is hanging in the official garland corner with a chalkboard pumpkin and a little black and white flower arrangement.  (I just replaced a few flowers with more pom poms.)

Black pompom garland for halloween hanging above a baby grand piano.
Our Neutral Halloween Decor

Since we have white candles sitting on tall candle pillars by the tv.   I dressed them up with black electrical tape for fun black and white stripes.  Super easy and quick! On the other side of the tv, I reused some faux purple buds in a sea-glass vase.

White candles wrapped with black washi tape, plant, books, next to tv.
Black Washi Tape Wrapped Around White Candles
Red leafy stems in a tall ocean glass vase in front of white wall and curtains.
Simple Buds in a Vase

My DIY copper pumpkins (you can find them HERE) made a reappearance under the tv.  This time I turned them around so the little jack-o-lantern faces show.  Tis the season! 

A beautiful MCM walnut TV stand with halloween decor. Grey and white trellis rug.
Fall and Halloween Decor Around the TV

The 100 Yen store had some metallic orange jack-o-lanterns that I snagged and spray-painted black for our sofa table. 

Spray painted dollar store jack o'lanterns on top of pillar candle holders in front of a grey sofa and walnute tv stand styled with boho modern decor.
Black Jack O’lanterns
Black pumpkins on white pillar candle holders are on a live edge pine table in front of a grey leather sofa with a black and white tribal throw blanket draped over the back.
Sofa Table Styling for Halloween

All of my black and white textiles are currently out in the living room. 

Black and white throw and pillow on carmel color pair of barrel chairs with grey rug and coffee table.

Our new rescue kitty even matches! 

A white cat on a carmel barrel chair with a white and black striped throw blanket.
Meow Meow the Cat

He is affectionately called Meow Meow and is the first cat I have owned.  I had no idea they were so much fun! 

A bright and white kitchen with white small table and black polka dot runner with brown vase with peasant feathers.
Neutral Halloween Decor in the Kitchen

My thrifted polka dot fabric makes a great Halloween table runner.  

White and brown decor with pops of black and white in the kitchen. Close up of wood vase with feathers and pussy willow.
Easy Halloween and Fall Decor for the Kitchen Table

I love how the warm tones all seem to match and are a nice contrast to the pops of black and white.

A white campaign chest is a side table in the living room.
Velvet Pumpkins

Make sure to check out 50 + Fall seasonal and holiday decorating ideas, DIYs, and free printables for the season and these adorable crafts you can make with yarn pom poms.

Remember, the possibilities are endless with pom poms – mix and match colors, sizes, and textures to create something truly unique. You can even try wrapping a fork for mini pom poms! So grab some yarn and start crafting, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy pom pom making.

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