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Our New Okinawan Rental Tour


I hope you had a wonderful weekend! As promised, here is an official tour of our new Okinawan rental (as seen through my iPhone). house-featurehouse10The front door is to the left.  All of the houses here have cabinets in the foyer for your shoes. The cabinets and trim on walls are a really light mint.  The wall color is a warm white which can look a little pink with the sunlight. This color combination is consistent throughout the house. house11Coming from the foyer, the staircase is on your right and the main living/dining/kitchen is straight ahead as one big, open space. house2house4house13house12house8The yard out back is one of the reason’s we chose this house.  We needed a good spot for the dog.

The downstair’s also has a full bathroom with a laundry area. house3The sink is big and plastic but the tub is amazing.  The Japanese are big on baths. It’s one of the best things about Okinawan living.

When you walk upstairs, a long, bright hallway greets you.  The first door on the left is a second bath.  The next door is the master bedroom.  The door on the right is our daughter’s’ room and the one at the end of the hall is our son’s.

house14The upstair’s bath looks just like the downstair’s minus the washer and dryer.house17house16Our daughter’s room is small with a window and two large closets. house15Our son is enjoying the walk out balcony this time (our daughter had one in the last house). house5house6The master bedroom is huge! We have never had a large bedroom or closet so we are super excited.  My office might end up in there. house7house-masterThe unit hanging on the wall is an ac, heater, and dehumidifier.  We have one of those in each room.  I hear they will be a life savor at preventing mold and staying cool in the hot, hot, hot summers. 

So far the only thing we miss is a dishwasher (although our 9 yr old is a pretty good replacement) and westernized curtain rods/curtains.  All of the windows and sliding doors have the pinch-pleated rods with little plastic hooks.  However, I’m enjoying shopping for new curtains. lol

The upside is our bright beautiful home with ocean views located a few blocks from the beach.  We are also still in the city so there are many restaurants and shops near by.

That’s it for today!

I will be sharing house updates, rental tips, and Island life soon.




  1. I would love to live in Japan someday, so I am an instant subscriber now! 😉 Your new home has such great natural lighting and layout…and oh my goodness, the ocean view! You’re definitely correct about the wall units – you’ll love them!

    1. It really is a dream come true for us. We have been volunteering to come here for the last 8 yrs. The bright house, yard, and views is what sold us on this house. 🙂

  2. Can’t believe that this empty space is where I spent 10 days and nights. Your home is filled with warm friendly decor and very loving family. Please invite me to come back again.

  3. Hi Kathy,

    Thank you for sharing your story. Your rental looks so cozy!! Me and my husband are PCSing to Okinawa next year. We are looking for a house like this with a small backyard for gardening and for my dog 🙂 Do you mind me asking where your rental was located? Also what housing agency you used?

    1. That’s so exciting Michelle! Okinawa was by far our most favorite duty station. Our housing agency I think was called Sunshine. Our house was located in Gushikawa, Uruma. The street of houses was built for Americans but there are many wonderful options if you can live off base. I would totally look into Yomitan or somewhere on the China sea side for the prettiest beaches and views. 🙂 Email me anytime when you get there (or closet to getting there) if I can help or make recommendations. And congratulations on the orders!

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