New Year New Room Refresh: Styling Tips for the Bathroom

Hi there!  Well, in an ideal world, all of my items would have arrived by now for a room reveal but let’s face it, Okinawa is just a little speck out in the middle of the Pacific ocean.  Packages come in by slow boat or plane and I never know which. It’s a little terrifying when I think about it that way! Hee hee.  I know the East Coast has been slammed with a winter storm so some of my friends hoping for a room reveal today too are sharing awesome DIY ideas instead.   I’ll share all of the links at the end of this post so you can see room reveals and amazing DIYs.

The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms for me to style.  Especially our current ones with traditional Japanese style (aka big, yellow-plastic sinks with coordinating storage).

I’m always up for a challenge though and have enjoyed the decorating and styling I’ve done in those rooms.

Here are some ideas for achieving a relaxing-spa atmosphere working with whatever style of bathroom you have!UpToDateInteriors-3-of-24-e1430215505244

Items that look good in any bathroom:


Soaps and bath salts in pretty containers

Neutral loofahs and fluffy-white towels

Wooden toothbrushes and bath brushes have a nice texture too but only display items your and guests will actually use! SONY DSCIf you have interesting bathroom storage like the wall unit we have, instead of filling with shampoo bottles and body wash like expected, roll hand towels or washcloths.   Add baskets or pretty pouches to hide personal items. UpToDateInteriors-22-of-24-e1430215667894

Make your bathroom work for you!

A primitive bench or wood stump is a wonderful contrast against bathroom tiles and adds waterproof surface space. UpToDateInteriors-2-of-24-e1430215481463


So fun, right? (Click HERE to see how to make a bamboo ladder for under $10!)

Don’t forget the back of the toilet.  Something as simple as a little bowl with floating flower heads can make a huge difference.SONY DSC

If you have a flat lid, try a little tray with bathroom appropriate items to create a stylish vignette.  (An empty rum bottle with yard clippings totally qualifies as “bathroom appropriate”!) SONY DSC

Art prints are a great way to add more interest to the bathroom.  (If humidity is a problem, photographs can get damaged so use caution!)

A great art piece can be the perfect inspiration for bathroom decor.  Otherwise, look at different textures, colors, and patterns used in your bathroom decor and materials to tie in art pieces.  Here are some amazing prints from that would work great in my bathroom.bathroom-tips-and-minted-pinterest

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5  |

Are you ready to see what everyone else is up to?  A Designer at Home is next on the list, I can’t wait to see her finished hallway!

New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge Participants:
Come rain or shine (or snow) the rest of the reveals will be happening next plus some more DIYs!

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  1. Kathryn, you know how to make a bathroom look so relaxing! Your photos look like they came out of a high end resort ad—they look so good. I ned to implement your tips…I need a spa at my house ASAP….this cold weather has me bogged down.

  2. Great tips!!! I never think to put plants in the bathroom. I need to do this! The rum bottle, LOVE!!!! Awesome job and I look forward to your reveal.

  3. I love all your bath accessories, especially that stool! And those plants make such a darling display. Your bathroom feels really homey and also very chic. Like yours, my bathroom isn’t maybe quite my style. Definitely going to be stealing some of these tips!

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