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No-Sew Teepee

Create a no sew teepee with these easy tips and tricks and inexpensive materials. A perfect project to do with your children.

My husband and son made a No Sew Teepee on the last day of winter break.  It turned out so cute, I had to share. He use the following tutorial but tweaked it a little to fit inside the house.  Make a Backyard TeePee with the Kids from ZiggityZoom. SONY DSC

Make an easy DIY no-sew teepee with your kids for $35!)

The teepee basic supplies:

Purchase a drop cloth and bamboo poles to keep costs down!

Total project cost was only $35 and took 2 hours.  Not bad for a 7 foot TeePee that our entire family can fit in. This thing is huge!

The boys started with a three pole frame and secured it at the top with zip ties then covered the zip ties by wrapping twine.


I can’t believe we managed to get inside the house, upstairs, down a narrow hallway, and into our son’s small room.  My son had a lot of fun setting it up and decorating it. SONY DSC

I had just found a faux cowhide rug last week for $35.  It’s perfect for inside the teepee.  SONY DSC

My husband had our kids look up Native American drawings and symbols to learn about their meanings.  They drew their favorites on the TeePee with markers. teepee-pictures

We hung a little lantern shaped light in the inside to make it easier to read books.  It hangs on a “S” hook.SONY DSC

It’s a super fun space to play and relax in.  (I might have been spending a little time in there too!)

I recently make over our daughter’s bedroom in our rental house.  To see how created a bright and colorful space for her, click HERE.



  1. Kathy, this teepee is awesome!!! What a perfect space for your kiddos to do some reading!! I love their drawings on the teepee!! The rug is awesome!! Love the price and time!! 🙂

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