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Okinawa Garden Tour

Enjoy garden home tours from eclectic bloggers including a military family’s off base housing in Okinawa, Japan with renter friendly decorating ideas.

Hi friend!  Welcome to our little garden.  My friend Ursula from Homemade by Carmona invited me to join her Garden Party Tours and I’m thrilled to be a part of them.  Tours have been going on ALL week so scroll down to the bottom to see all the pretty gardens!

Garden Party Tours: 25+ Creative Solutions for Outside

If you are new here, welcome and konichiwa!  We are a military family based in Okinawa, Japan and live in a cute half Japanese-half American style house.   Having a yard is definitely rare but we found the perfect rental for our family and pets.  We are no strangers to typhoons so everything we have outside has to come in periodically.  None the less, my kids and I really like spending time in our little yard.

patio swing chair

Here’s a view of the yard and the back of our house.  Those shutters are storm proof.  The entire house can close up for typhoons.  It’s kind of cool and a little scary. 😉rental house backyard and patio

What completely sold me on this house was the partial view of the ocean.  So pretty!  We also can enjoy it from the upstairs balconies.

rental house backyard and patio

Two rope swings have quickly become my kids’ favorite spots.   I tell you what, they are super comfortable when there is a nice-ocean breeze!

japanese yard

patio swing chair

A few plants, Chikyu (my gold water buffalo), tatami mats, and garden seats are a fun nod to Japanese culture and make the little patio cozy when the weather isn’t too hot and humid to enjoy.  rental patio decorrental patio decorrental patio decor rental house backyard and patiorental patio decor rental patio decor

Here’s what the house looks like when the storm shutters are closed preparing for a typhoon.  Concrete walls make this the safest place to be during a storm.


I hope you enjoyed the garden tour.  If you would like to see the inside of the house, click HERE and make sure to check out my summer page full of DIYs, decorating tips, and printables for the season. Garden Party Tour - Creative Outdoor Solutions


  1. Hi Kathy! Fellow military spouse here too! I love your outdoor space – the hammocks, the plants, even the storm shutters! I love how you’ve made this space your own. Sending love from across the pond! xo

  2. Those outdoor chair swings are so cool and perfect for your setting. I am so happy you shared your outdoor space, it is so pretty and it flows well with your interiors.

  3. Love it! Can I ask where you got the garden stool and swings? We’re stationed here too and I’ve been searching for a garden stool like that! Thanks:)

    1. Thanks! The chairs I ordered from AMAZON, you can find them HERE> . The garden stool came from Kaden BX but I’ve seen them at the gift stores on base too!

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