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Beautiful Vintage Style Christmas Decorations in the Bedroom


Dress up your bedrooms with these beautiful vintage style Christmas decorations ideas for adult and kids rooms.

Are you a fan of vintage holiday decor? I love how easy it is to find old fashion tinsel and bottle brush trees and today I’m going to show you how I used them in our bedrooms for a retro boho vibe in our Christmas home tour part two.

Vintage Style Christmas Decorations in the Bedrooms

Welcome to Day 11 of A Very Global Christmas where Casa Watkins Living and I are sharing twelve days of globally inspired Christmas DIYs, decorating tips, and entertaining ideas! At the beginning of the series we shared part of our holiday home decor and today we are bringing you more inspiration.

Christmas Decor Ideas Bedroom Pinterest Black
Vintage Style Christmas Decorations for the Bedroom

Did you know that tinsel originated in Germany? It comes from the Old French word estincele, meaning “sparkle”. It must be why I love tinsel trees so much. Who doesn’t want to add sparkle to their holiday decor? The material began as crushed silver but has come a long way since and is now available in every color of the rainbow.

I’ve had a champagne color tabletop tinsel tree for years now and enjoy decorating it in a new way each time. It’s perfect for small spaces! This year I decided to use it in our master bedroom and decorate it with a monochromatic color scheme to match our boho global bedding. Last year it was adorned with vintage ornaments and sat in an antique ceramic container.

Christmas Decorations Bedroom Edited 14
Tinsel tree with pink ornaments.

I love that it is the first thing you see when coming down the hall towards our room. It really catches your eye! The tree is in an antique silver dish that was my grandmother’s. I weighed down the base with pieces of shells and coral to prevent the tree from tipping over. The juxtaposition of the antique bowl, vintage tree, and modern ornaments is fabulous.

Christmas Decorations Bedroom Edited 10
Tinsel tree in silver dish with botanical art prints.

The acrylic sculpture was a Dallas antique find this year and the botanical prints were super inexpensive on eBay.

Christmas Decorations Bedroom Edited 8
Christmas bedroom decor.

Here is the view from the other side of the room. This space is on my to-do list for makeovers but I don’t mind it so much now that it is featuring a gorgeous mural from Anthropologie. I still have big plans for every square inch!

Christmas Decorations Bedroom Edited 7
Boho global bedroom decor.

You can see how well the wallpaper gets along with the Asian textiles. The style I want for this room is tropical Asia. I fell in love with Bangkok and Okinawa while we lived in Japan and they heavily influence my decorating decisions. You can see how I use them as inspiration for our open concept eclectic glam living areas. I’m sure you can relate with a fond memory of a place or trip! It is so much fun to translate it into your home style.

Christmas Decorations Bedroom Edited
Moody boho bathroom with Christmas decor.

Our little on-suite received a festive treatment with my DIY boho wreath and a dish full of ornaments. Just enough Christmas for such a small space. With my Aunt’s painting, it didn’t need much else.

Christmas Decorations Bedroom Edited 9
DIY Boho Wreath

The rest of our smaller trees are in my daughter’s room. Anything looks great on the pale pink walls with the whimsical bird wallpaper. It makes the room fun to decorate. At least when it is clean!

Christmas Decorations Bedroom Edited 4
Boho Vintage Girls Room

A collection of bottle brush trees create a cute forest for brass animals on the Ikea turned storage cabinet.

Christmas Decorations Bedroom Edited 5
Eclectic girls room with Christmas decor.

A couple of winter bunnies are out with some beautiful global pillows from last year’s New Year New Room Refresh.

Christmas Decorations Bedroom Edited 13
Bedding featuring global textiles.
Christmas Decorations Bedroom Edited 12
Milton and King Wallpaper
Christmas Decorations Bedroom Edited 11
Bottle brush tree forest.

The last bit of Christmas making for my daughter’s room is the DIY advent calendar for kids I shared last week! We’ve had fun with the first couple of activities.

Advent Calendar For Kids Edited 4
DIY Advent Calendar

And that concludes our home tour! If you want to see the rest of the home make sure to check out an elegant Christmas tour with decorating tips and how to decorate a Christmas table with a table runner and decor. You can find all of my holiday decorating ideas and DIYs on this page.

Now let’s go visit Casa Watkins Living to see the second part of her Christmas home tour!

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