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Pinecone Swag

Hello my dears! “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” around here. There’s even snow in the dining room! Can’t wait to show y’all everything. I will be featuring two weeks of Christmas handmade decor starting soon…. (before the movers come!)


Before we get to Christmas fun, we should finish Thanksgiving. 😉  If you missed any posts earlier this week, here they are:

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Day Two:  Seashell Place Card Holders

Day Three: Coastal Thanksgiving Table Setting

Day Four: Pinecone Swag (with the prettiest little pinecone ever!)


I’ve been wanting to try dipped pinecones for a while.  Since we are moving and I’m trying to use all our house paint, this was the perfect opportunity.


Leftover Paint



Wax paper and painter’s tape


Tip one:


Wear gloves (just trust me on this one!)

Tip two:

Water down house paint or use craft paint (I’ll tell you why in a sec)


So I dipped my pinecones and laid them on the wax paper to dry. They looked beautiful. Three days later, they had closed up.


The green ones were the first to open by themselves.  My theory is the paint was much thinner. 🙂  The other pinecones are sitting in the oven on a sheet of foil at 200 and are very SLOWLY opening up.

I got time.

Plan B!

My beautiful mint green pinecone gets a  special treatment.


I had already planned on brushing gold craft paint on the edges so I went ahead and finished my pretty opened one.

Thankfully, I had plenty of white pinecones that I had spray painted last year after I had made a pinecone wreath and sprinkled  with glitter.  I worked those into the swag.

diy pinecone swag in mint white and gold

I love the little pop of green against the white ones.  They showcase it nicely.  The ribbon I found today at the Dollar Tree among other Christmas goodies.

painted pinecones door hanging

To attach ribbon to your pinecone, use a short pin (I cut down some of my pearl end straight pins), gather the ribbon,  push the pin through the ribbon and into the bottom center of the pinecone. Only about 1/8 inch will go in.


Gather the ends of the ribbon and secure with a bow!

mint green and white pinecones

Now I need to check on my roasting pinecones. 😉

Do you ever have projects that throw you for a loop?

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